Friday, February 14, 2020

Friday Favourites

We are ready for Valentine's Day tomorrow!  Q was not interested in writing on any of his cards so I did them all.  E doesn't have school today so he exchanged card with his class yesterday.  But they are both going to wear red today and I will make a special breakfast (maybe pink waffles!).  

I have been enjoying this face masque from Kiehl's.  To be honest I was drawn in by the cute jar but it is a nice treat to use it every week or so.
E has two days off from school this week because of the teachers' strike so Dave took him skiing one day.  They used the Go Pro and got some cool videos in the terrain park.

These two monkeys made my walk to the stairs interesting.

I have not been to a Fresh restaurant for awhile, but while running errands this week I decided to pop into Fresh on Front to grab my lunch.  I was blown away at how beautiful the inside is, it was stunning!! IT was bright and cheery with white and pink accents. If you get a chance to go in, take it.  This is not my photo, but you can sort of get an idea of the pretty decor.  And bonus, I really enjoyed my meal - a Tiger bowl with soba noodles, on the recommendation of the server, and a hot Chai bomb as my dessert.  I passed a lovely lunch hour there with my book.

We watched Don't F*ck with Cats on Netflix this week.  It is about Luka Magnotta, who you will know of if you are from Canada.  It was really fascinating.  And if you don't know who Luka Magnotta is but you like true crime docs, then check this out.

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  1. Nice to hear you all took advantage of an opportunity....E and Dave skiing and you at the Fresh restaurant. Enjoy your Valentines! Dave, E and Q!!! ❤️💕

  2. Those pink waffles look good. I bet they were a huge hit.