Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Let's Look - Winter Wardrobe

Today we are writing about our winter wardrobe.  Well here's a little secret, my winter wardrobe (at least for work) is basically the same as my summer wardrobe, but with nylons or tights.

I have three basic work outfits - pants with a blousy top and cardigan, dress, or skirt with blousy top and cardigan or blazer.  I do have a couple of dresses that are just for summer, but mostly my wardrobe overlaps.  I may add slightly more colour in the summer, since I have noticed I'm wearing a lot of grey and black lately.  I do not take many photos of my outfits, mostly because I think they are boring and I'm also terrible at doing mirror selfies.  Maybe I'll put something together to show you what I usually wear to work.  

My weekend look is a range of comfortable pants from jeans to leggings to sweatpants.  ;)

This is a standard work outfit.  I also have these pants from Old Navy in red and black. 

My winter weekend wardrobe also includes this look.


  1. I do not think that would be warm enough for me! I am always so cold. Well, your outerwear would be fine but I like lots and lots of cozy layers indoors in the winter.

  2. Saves lots of money when you do not have to vary your wardrobe too much!!