Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Weekend Recap

What a great long weekend!! We kicked things off with Valentine's Day on Friday.  I set up a few treats for my Valentines in the morning. And I made some waffles and added pink food colouring. They didn't turn out that pink looking, but they were still good.

A few cookies and a dance party before school.

My own treat :)  Well, after I got back from my dentist appointment. 

Because of my dentist appointment and parent/teacher interviews, I worked from home on Friday. And that meant Dave and I got to grab lunch together. We just walked up to our local pub and then picked up a few things from No Frills. 

We made some heart shaped pizzas for supper.   Q needed four pieces, on two different plates, but he actually ate them all (minus the crusts).

Then some puzzle action.

On Saturday our plan was to clean the house, which we did.  And we got a few other things organized as well like move a shoe rack/bench from my closet to the coat closet, and I threw out a few clothes, shoes, and stuff I do not use anymore.  Then I picked up our grocery order, got gas, and went to the LCBO.

When I got home, I made French onion soup for supper. It was so delicious.

Q didn't want the French onion soup, but he had a couple of slices of pizza.

We watched the NBA skills competition with E.  He was celebrating a big win but someone, I can't remember who.

On Sunday we had plans to go skiing in the afternoon, so we kept the morning simple with some movies and cereal.  And Dave cleaned out the car.

We drove to Snow Valley in Barrie (where we all have season passes).  Their main 6-person lift was broken, so we actually thought it wouldn't be that busy.  When we pulled up around 1:45, the line of cars to get in stretched about a kilometre down the road, in both directions!  And that was just to get into the parking lot.  But we didn't have any other plans, so we didn't mind waiting.  It took about 45 minutes to get parked.  It was actually mostly people going to the tube park that were tying up the line, the skiing wasn't that bad.

We did a couple of runs on the bunny hills and then we took Q up on the big lift for the first time, he loved it!

He skied down with Dave between Dave's legs, and then when we got to some flatter parts, Dave would let him go by himself.  He did really well.  We ate supper at the lodge and then went back out for some night skiing.  Dave and E did the terrain park and I did the bunny hills with Q.  Then we sat by the fire outside for a few minutes before it was time to go.

We decided to spend the night in Barrie so we could ski the next day too.  We booked a room at the Fairfield Inn and Suites by Marriott.  We took a quick dip in the pool, but it was so cold, so we didn't stay long there. The kids explored the room, checking out every nook and cranny, with the cups of Doritoes.  Meanwhile Dave and I watched the NBA All-Star game.

Look at these sweet guys!

We were some of the first people up on the lift the next morning when Snow Valley opened at 9:00. We parked at the bottom of the triple lift, got our boots on at the car, and skied right over.  Q did a few runs with us and then went over to do a lesson for the morning.

That meant Dave, E and I got to ski all morning together.  It was such a beautiful day and really not that busy.

Ready at the top of the terrain park.

Our plan was just to ski until lunchtime, and although it was a great day to ski, it was getting busier, so we stuck to the plan and left after Q's lesson.  We stopped in at McDonalds for lunch and then drove home.  We tidied up, showered, watched a movie, and then I made supper. I tried this recipe for a roast chicken dish, and also this rice pilaf. 

While I made dinner, I got organized for the morning by making my shake and prepping the coffee.   

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