Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday Favourites

 Happy Friday!! Thanks for coming over to see me today.

I made this really yummy noodle dish this week that I got from @easyanimalfree.  I follow her on Instagram and her website has a bunch of great vegan recipes.  I also used tofu for the first time and it turned out really well.  E was eating his dinner and he asked "how did you get the meat so soft?!" and I told him it was actually tofu, not meat, and he said "oh cool", and kept on eating.  E is not a picky eater anyway but I was glad he didn't recoil, as I would have done even a few short years ago.

On Tuesday we had pancakes of course, to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  When I got home on Tuesday evening this was the scene, E breaking the eggs and mixing up the wet ingredients and Dave and Q doing the dry ingredients.  Great work everyone!

Dave used a stencil to add a spider on top of the pancakes with icing sugar.

Coming closer to the camera with a big "Cheese!"

We got some lovely snow on Thursday, winter can stay for now!

I walked up the Bay to check out some towels. We have had our towels since we got married, they were on our registry, and although they are fine, they are just okay.  I thought it may be alright to buy a few new ones.  I have a gift card from the Bay (had to order it using my Aeroplane points so all of my points wouldn't expire) so when that comes in, I will buy some new towels.  I think I narrowed it down to this "Perfect Towel".

I also saw these neat Japanese towels, has anyone tried these?  Apparently they are fast drying so may be good for the beach and travelling, or just for everyday if I liked it enough.

E wanted to try out a science experiment when he got home from school.   He patiently waited until after dinner and then we blew up the balloon with vinegar and baking powder.  He said the baking soda would have worked better but that we were almost out of it.

Have a good weekend everyone!  And Go Raptors :)

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  1. I'm amazed you've never cooked with tofu before. Although to be fair, even though I'd been vegetarian for seven years, I hadn't actually cooked with tofu until I met Dave. Now we use it ALL THE TIME. Rachel loves eating it cold, which I haven't gotten into.