Monday, March 2, 2020

Taking Photos

A few weeks ago I read this article about taking photos of your kids.  I think it errs on the side of not taking photos and instead putting away your phone/camera altogether.  Now, as a blogger who needs content I can't always put away the phone, and nor do I want to since I would want to capture certain moments even if I wasn't posting about it.  But I am usually conscious of the photos I am taking and once I've got a few shots I will put my phone away and just enjoy the activity.
Sometimes a simple photo while eating a snack is fine too.

We got this photo when we all went on the lift for the first time, and therefore I don't need to get one every week of the same thing :)

A couple of photos at the beginning of a walk and then my phone can go away.

 It's actually hard to take a photo in motion, would have been better off to put the camera down and just cheer him on!

Like the articles says, I often see people who have their camera constantly clicking, and taking video after video, and I wonder what they are going to do with all of that material.  When I want to take a video I usually try to have a reason for it, like showing family members or showing E or Q whatever they were doing.  And even if that is the reason, I remember that I only need one or two of that thing.

Quick photo and then time to hunt for a Christmas tree (Q didn't want to participate in a photo).

So this is just a reminder that although of course it is fine to take photos and videos of your kids and your activities, try putting your phone away once you've got the shots.  Your brain will keep those memories too even if you don't have a photo, and if you're like our family, it's hard to get a perfect photo anyway, so don't worry about it too much.

Set up for requisite marshmallow roasting photo


  1. Good points. I have been guilty of focusing too much on getting "the photo" at the exact moment, that I missed experiencing the moment myself! It was disappointing!

  2. So true! I have been better about putting away my phone!