Monday, March 9, 2020

Not Just a Mom Link Up - Self Care

Linking up with these ladies for the Not Just a Mom link up today.  Today we are talking about Self Care.  I actually wrote about this topic two years ago here. A few things have changed since then - the kids are a little older and I take the subway to work now.  Where I used to carve out some time to read at home (my favourite version of self care), I get time to read each day on my way to work.  It is a real treat.  So aside from reading, a few other things are:

Floss my teeth - it took me many years to figure out I need to floss my teeth.  I was the person that only flossed before going to my dentist appointment, but now I floss pretty much every night.  It does make my teeth better and I always get a (figurative) gold star when I go to the dentist now, which is always nice.  Floss your teeth kids!

Wash my face - I was not consistent about washing my face before bed, but now I am pretty good at doing it.  I have the Norwex clothes that do a good job of removing my make up without soap.  And once a week I do a microdermabrasion and once a week I use a mask.  I don't think they actually do too much but it makes my feel nice. 
Use the nice moisturizer - I know i could probably find cheaper face cream, but I love the stuff from Kiehls and I think I deserve using something nice :)

Stop thinking - This can be easier said than done but there are times when I'm supposed to enjoying something or trying to get back to sleep, and then I start running through all of the lists and plans in my head.  I've been getting better at putting those thoughts out of my mind, knowing I will always have time to think about those things later, and I can be more presence (or fall asleep).

Work from home (sometimes) - It is easier to work from home now with my lap top and Microsoft Teams so when I need to, like if I have an appointment or something, then I can easily work from home. It is nice to be able to do that from time to time, still being productive, but wearing my comfy clothes and being able to get a few extra things done around the house (while still actually working). 

Looking forward to reading other posts for some more ideas!


  1. So many nuce things to do for yourself. You deserve that little splurge moisturizer!

  2. I wish I could just stop thinking sometimes! It would make it so much easier to relax!

  3. I have been trying to get so much better about flossing my teeth too; I also only used to floss before a dentist appointment but I trying to floss every night before bed.

  4. I need to make flossing my teeth a form of self-care. I'm so bad at that :)