Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Current Random Thoughts

A few things I've noticed over the past week of being home all of the time:

We keep doing different activities and then realize we shouldn't be.  For example we played at the playground last Saturday (the 14th on Day 1 of social distancing for us), and we also hung out outside with our neighbours for about 30 minutes that same weekend. We haven't done either of those things since then.  We also went for a hike at a park just on the weekend but then realized that wasn't the right thing to do either when we saw how packed the parking lot was.  We won't be doing that again.

I like quiet.  I do get quiet parts of the house when I need to do some work or go on a conference call, but in the rest of the house there is always talking, yelling, banging, music, etc.

Working from home with small children means you never really get a break.  Breaks from work just mean childcare or cleaning or food prep, and breaks from those things means work.  You're never off duty.  And since I'm working from home, I feel like I need to be available to my co-workers at all times so I always answer the phone and emails right away.  That is the right thing to do since we are a bit in crisis mode dealing with Civid-related matters, but it means work never stops.

I'm probably not going to clean my whole house from top to bottom during this time (see above point). We have done a few things like clean the windows and Dave cleaned up the old leaves.  I'll try to fit a few more things in but our house will not be spotless :)

I change my clothes a lot - there are inside comfy clothes, outside comfy clothes, running clothes, and indoor workout clothes.  It's a lot of pants without zippers, hah!

One of things I'm most disappointed about that we missed our trip was that I'm missing out on having someone else cook all of our meals! And since we are trying to limit our trips to the store I feel like I'm off my regular meal planning routine, I've tended to just buy a bunch of things and then try to make meals from what is in the cupboard rather than buying for the meal plan like I usually do.

My kids are pretty great.  They love being home with us and although we get a little push back that there is no TV or video games until mid-afternoon, they are mostly happy to just play, do a bit of work, go outside, and help us out.  They haven't complained about missing their friends and not having their normal school routine is just fine with both of them.  Don't get me wrong, there have been a few tears on Q's end, and a bit of pouting from E, but they are mostly just fine and I'm so grateful.  I've seen other people talking about how their kids are having a hard time adjusting and we haven't found that so far.  

Sometimes I forget that this is actually a big crisis.  Aside from my work, which we are handling, we are pretty sheltered here.  We are getting along just fine and doing what we are told, but people are suffering, and not just those that are sick, which is enough in itself, but also the health care and grocery store workers (and others), the people with anxiety where non-covid life can be stressful enough, the ones that live alone, that have lost their jobs, who can't afford to stock up on food, and the list goes on.  This is a good quote.  We do what we can.

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  1. What a challenging situation for you! Adapting to working from home and then adding kids off school to the setting! Being restricted in where you can go and what you can buy also creates a new normal for your activities choices and lifestyle. It is all so different. And it can be so unsettling when you are used to a routine. And time to yourself. Why would anyone think you could add spring cleaning to your day? It isn't like you are off work or on vacation. It sounds to me like you have a lot to fill your day already. And you are doing a pretty good job of it. ❤️🤗