Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Weekend Recap

We had a fun mix of winter and spring fun this weekend, as one does in Southern Ontario in early March.  On Friday night we had a feed of tacos (Q had five!!), and then watched some of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  

We were ready to go to the ski hill on Saturday morning instead of Sunday this week.  It was the last week of lessons but since E had a birthday party to attend on Sunday, we decided to skip his last lesson and go on Saturday instead to use our tubing passes while we put Q in a morning lesson.  We all got 5 tubing passes with our skiing season passes but haven't had the opportunity to use them yet.

Q is maxin' and relaxin' in the backseat on the way up.

I love this barn and field but it was hard to grab a picture on the way by.

Suited up for his last lesson of the year.

And the rest of us headed over to the tube park.  We put the Go Pro on E's helmet.  I have never been tubing on a big hill like this before, it was so much fun, but scary at first!!

It was such a beautiful day, I enjoyed the sun while we waited for a few more tube runs to open. 

We all got to go down together by holding onto each others' tubes.

When we were done we had about 45 minutes before Q's lesson was over so we all put our skis on and did a few runs.  Then after lunch we took Q with us too.  This is Dave skiing down with Q between his legs, bless him!

It was getting warm and it was also crowded so we decided to go back to the tube park for some donuts and so Q could do a few runs on the little kids hill (he's too short for the big runs).

Warm cinnamon sugar donuts and hot chocolate, mmm.

Pulling Q up the hill.

Then we drove home and had some meatballs on garlic toast, and then watched the curling.  

On Sunday morning we had waffles and sausages. 

And then Q and I went to church, first time in 2020.  Enjoying his juice and cookie after the service. 

And colouring Jesus all in yellow.

Meanwhile E was at a birthday party at iFly for indoor skydiving. 

I took Q to the grocery store with me after lunch and then we just relaxed at home until the boys got back.  Q watched Paw Patrol and I watched curling.   

Then we all went out for a walk.  I told Q he could wear his vest and a long sleeved shirt and he was excited about that, but then also thought he needed to wear his jacket. He was wearing more clothes that afternoon than he would wear in the winter. 

We started out for a walk, but then E wanted to go back and get his bike so then Q wanted to get his bike. On our way back to the house we ran into our neighbours and they got their bikes out too. 

At the end, Q just carried his bike back across the parking lot.

E went for an actual bike ride with the other kids while we went home to make supper (BBQ burgers!). E's friend came over to eat supper with us, but we made them practice their spelling words before we ate.

Then it was another night of curling - we were happy to see Brad Gushue (Team NL) win!  


  1. What a glorious way for your family to end the winter ski season...tubing and skiing together under the warm sun!

  2. It looks like you are soaking up every last second of Winter. Way to go! Me on the other hand -- I'm so excited for the Spring weather!!!