Monday, March 16, 2020

Doing our part

This is an interesting time in our country and around the world.  We aren't really used to being told what to do, and now our kids are home from school for the next three weeks, many of us have cancelled travel plans, and extra-curricular activities are limited to stuff we can do at home, or outdoors (but at a good distance from others).  It's really not that bad for the healthy ones and nothing we can't handle, but I know people are feeling strange about this.  And then like anything else where people have an opinion about something, when they share that opinion there will immediately get a backlash because the response is either too severe, too lax, too emotional, not sensitive enough, etc.

We're all just doing our best.  And that will look different for different people.  For us that means we will keep ourselves busy at home and at the park, but it also means I need to go to the office too.  I will be responsible for keeping my distance from others and practicing good habits, which I have already been doing.  Working from home is one option but my job is pretty critical right now and sometimes that means being in the office.  Luckily I can "social distance" in my office and by driving instead of taking the subway.

So I urge you all to be smart - make good choices.  Stay home when you can, decide where you actually need to go that will be around other people (even just one or two that aren't in your immediate family), stay away from older folks, and also don't be too quick to judge other people for whatever decision they make.  You don't always know their situation and although shame can work, and should work, sometimes it can be unnecessary, so govern yourselves accordingly ;)

And another thing I say to my people at work - get your information from reliable sources, not just Twitter.

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  1. I'm getting my information from CBC. I've decided that's a good source and yeah, stay off Twitter! And Facebook :) I'm liking Instagram right now because it's a good place to see what others are doing without stressing me out. I think I must just be following the right people :)