Thursday, March 19, 2020

Life Lately

It's only been a few days but we are doing okay over here.  We are roughly abiding by the colour coded schedule that everyone has seen on the internet.  I appreciate suggestions for what to do with our time even if we aren't strict on the time.  The habit I like the most is getting out of the house before 10:00 for some fresh air.  Oh yeah, and also working from home!

"Academic" time for Q means colouring. 

We did some family yoga. 

I did an online workout

Social distancing on the Humber River

The boys founds some art done by the same artist who did the murals at E's school..

Creative time!

Quiet time

I hope everyone is settling into your own routine whatever works for your family.  As long as you're safe at home, then we'll get through it. Stay healthy everyone!


  1. Great routine! I got a kick out of Q's self drawing! Only had to colour his underwear and socks! That mural art work is beautiful...where did you find it?

  2. We aren’t safe at home 😬. Came to Costa Rica on March 6 before any of this hit the news. Cannot get a flight home until our actual flight on Saturday. No cases where we are, fortunately, but praying we all stay healthy so we can catch our flight (and also that we don’t catch it at Pearson).