Friday, March 13, 2020

Friday Favourites

Phew, what a week!! We have all been inundated with Covid-19 news and it can be exhausting!  Here are a few non-virus things to distract you!

I signed up for the Spring run-off 8k race at High Park in a couple of weeks.  I've never done this race before but I know it is a popular one.  I haven't run really all winter so training starts this week.

Further to my self care post on Monday, another form of that is to get help when you can.  My shoulder has been bothering me so I decided to get some physio.  I have benefits through work and there is a clinic downstairs in my building. 

Q finally made it onto our gallery wall after all these years!! We were slow to print off some photos but we finally did last week and framed them up this week.  

I made this recipe on Monday and it looked just like the photo from the cookbook.  It is chicken thighs, cauliflower, and potatoes. 

Q wanted to "read" Harry Potter this week before bed. 

E's school was featured on the news this week to show off the beautiful new indigenous art in the hallway.  E was really excited about it when I showed him the clip.  The artist, Phil Cote, was encouraged by the children's reaction to the art and said things will change with this next generation.  He has also done a mural on Roncesvalles that I am excited to check out. 

 Stay healthy everyone!!

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  1. Yes, that is beautiful artwork. Good luck with your shoulder and the training for the Spring Run-off,

  2. Love the school art... i am totally with you on the gallery art wall.... i changed ours to recognise our second off spring waaay too late!

  3. What beautiful artwork for the hallways. I love all the colors on the stairs too. We're reading through the Harry Potter series right now.