Friday, March 20, 2020

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Well this is not the birthday Dave was expecting, we were supposed to be off to Jamaica today for a little holiday, but we will still try to make it special for him anyway.

So happy birthday to our favourite guy!

I asked both kids some questions about Dave (separately though, as I would guess Q would have just copied E's answers)

What is something Dad says a lot?
E: You are awesome and Q is awesome.
Q: Happy Birthday.

What makes Dad happy?
E: Me, You, Q, Lego
Q: Cake

What makes him sad?
E: When one of us gets a bee sting
Q: Nothing

How tall is Dad?
E: 5 feet long? 2 m? 1 m?
Q: This big (stretches arm way up)

How old is he?
E: 24 (he also said 24 last year)
Q:1, 2... 

What is his favourite food?
E: Pizza and tacos?
Q: Maybe broccoli 

Does he have a favourite child?
E: Yes, their names are E and Q
Q: No

If Dad could go anywhere, where would he go?
E: Anywhere where Q and E want to go.
Q: He'd go downstairs, upstairs, downstairs, upstairs (probably the right answer during this social distancing time)

What is his favourite song?
E: Rivers and Roads (by The Head and the Heart)
Q: Maybe ABCD

What is his favourite movie?
E: Star Wars anything
Q: Superheroes  (Incredibles 2)

Where was Dad born?
E: Halifax, was he? 
Q: I can't do it.

What is his favourite show?
Q: No idea
Q: Maybe Superheroes? (Me: No, not a movie, a TV show, like Paw Patrol.) Paw Patrol, maybe?

What is Dad afraid of?
E: Heights 
Q: No

How would you describe him to your friends?
E: He's my dad and he's super awesome.
Q: ... (he had nothing)

Anything else to add?
E: What is his favourite video game? Mario Kart, Star Wars Lego, Star Wars Lego 2.
Q: No, I want to just eat.  (Questions were asked before breakfast)


  1. Happy birthday to Dave! Adorable interview. I would settle for 24 two years in a row.

  2. Great photos of Dave and his family! E knows his Dad quite well! Q did pretty good, too! Fun quiz!

  3. Love those interviews! So sorry your trip didn't work out but I am sure you are all doing your best to make sure his day is extra special.

  4. Lol...... love this idea!! Haapy birthday, Dave!