Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Weekend Recap

E had another day off school on Friday because of the rotating teachers' strike.  He went to the YMCA in the morning but Dave picked him up mid-afternoon and he got to go bowling with his friends. 

These same friends came back to our house after bowling and then their mom came over and the three of us (Dave, me, and Nicole) polished off a couple of bottles of wine (oops!), while the kids played Nintendo in the basement. 

The next morning I got up to go to my pilates class.  Q was in a happy mood while Dave was cleaning up.

Then we went sledding.  We got a big inflatable polar bear sled for Christmas and this was our first chance to use it. 

E and Q carrying it back up the hill together

In the afternoon I did a few errands then got our lunches together for skiing and supper prepped for the next night.  On this night we had a salad - kale, roasted sweet potatoes, brown lentils, avocado, pecans and pumpkin seeds, with this hemp citrus dressing. 

Then Dave's cousin and her husband (and their dog) came over to babysit and we went out with our friends to do some axe-throwing. We went to Bad Axe Throwing off Runnymede.  It's BYOB and snacks so we brought a few beers and a bag of chips.

I was not consistent with my shots but I did get a few bullseyes (this counts!).

I should mention Catherine got bullseyes too but I didn't get a photo of hers!  After that we went to Brydens for a couple more beers and a plate of nachos, and then we walked home. Fun times!

The next morning we got up to go skiing but Dave wasn't feeling well so he decided to stay home and I took the kids skiing anyway.  I considered staying home too but then I wondered what I would do with the kids all day so I thought we should go.

I got the kids ready and took Q over for his lesson. 

And then I got to go skiing by myself for a bit.  It was cold but the conditions were beautiful. 

We hung out with our friends as we usually do.  I took Q over to the bunny hill and he did pretty well, but then he had to go to the washroom and after he was done he didn't want to go back out.   The littles played on the deck while we waited for the big kids to finish their lessons. 

E did a few runs on the terrain park with the other parents while Q and I got the car packed up.  Q was asleep before we barely left the parking lot.

We had a good drive back (with a stop at Tim Hortons of course!).  Dave still wasn't feeling great when we got home, but he was up and around.  I showered and then sat with Q for a bit on the couch.  Since I had prepped supper the night before, it just needed to be heated up in the oven.

I stayed up to watch the Oscars and had a couple of glasses of wine.  I didn't make any predictions so I just enjoyed the show.  I was happy to see Brad Pitt win. 

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