Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Weekend Recap

Another great winter weekend in the books.  Finally January ended - I know people make jokes about that but I seriously felt it went on and on.

I got back from Timmins mid-afternoon on Friday.  We picked up the kids from school and grabbed supper at Queen Margherita Pizza.  Everyone was happy to be there!

When we got home, E went to his friend's house for a sleepover and then we put Q to bed.  With this early night, Dave and I managed to watch all of The Joker.  

Q woke up at 7:00 on Saturday morning, which wasn't too early, but we still had some quiet time downstairs for a bit before we got moving.  

E came home mid-morning and we just hung out. I did some laundry and Q played in the basement.  

In the afternoon I took Q to a birthday party for one of his school friends.  He had a great time!

We picked up our groceries on our way home, and then I played Play Doh with Q and then Dave and E went to play catch with the neighbours.  I put together a salad bowl for supper.  No real recipe here, just whatever we had in the house.  I roasted some sweet potatoes, cauliflower (this way), and made these quinoa bites (which I was not successful at telling Q they were meatballs).  Along with some lettuce, I added some pecans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and made a tahini lemon dressing. 

Then I played some Nintendo with E before he went to bed. After that I cleaned up the kitchen, and made our lunches for skiing.  And then Dave and I watched Ford vs. Ferrari.

The next morning we were up early to go skiing.  We saw this racoon prints in the freshly fallen snow, along with some squirrel prints.

Ready for a big morning on the slopes.

We spotted E at the lift halfway through the morning (all in red in the middle).

It was warm and snowy.  A great day to ski!

A lunch selfie!

After lunch E went back out for his lessons, and Dave skied with some friends.  I took Q over to the bunny hill and we did a few runs there, but then he wanted to go inside.  This is him "sleeping".

Relaxing in the car on the way home.

We got everything cleaned up and then we got ready for the Super Bowl.  We were cheering for the 49ers and luckily E had this San Fran shirt to wear that I brought him from my trip.

Q didn't care much about the game, this was his only interaction with it, then he watched Paw Patrol on the iPad and then went to bed.

Nachos too!!

Confession time - I could not even stay awake to the end of the game!  I had to go to bed during the 4th quarter.  However I was fully awake for that Halftime Show!! Shakira and J-Lo killed it!!!


  1. Glad you had another great skiing day. I managed to watch the whole game...but was cheering for KC. You are right, the halftime show was super!

  2. We weree (mostly) cheering for the Chiefs over here, except for Sam. Thus, it was totally worth it to stay up until the end :) Also, I'm going to have to get creative with salad bowls -- yours looks (and sounds) really good!