Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Weekend Recap

E did not have school on Friday because of another teacher strike day so his friend came over all day, and their plan was to make cupcakes and decorate them.  They also played a few video games and walked up the street with Dave to get lunch (slice of pizza and a Booster Juice, lucky kids).  

Props to Dave to dealt with this mess!! :)

Who bakes in a sweatshirt?!

The finished products.  The cookbook E got for his birthday had all of these stencils to use with powdered sugar so it worked well. 

I was up early with Q on Saturday morning.  He looked so big lying next to me on the couch. 

I walked up the street to get a few fruits and vegetables and Bulk Bar stuff, and then did a quick trip to the grocery store for the rest of the things we needed.  When I got back we went for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and warm(er) temperatures.

Look at that blue sky!

We went home for lunch, and then I prepped some food for the next day.  I went for a run along the river while Dave took the kids to get gas.  We arrived home at the same time and got the bikes out. Q is excited about his bike and we just need to put the seat up so he can use it this summer. 

We went inside and played a bit of Mario Kart before supper, and during one race, Q dropped his controller and just passed out.  We let him sleep for about 15 minutes but woke him for supper. 

We fed the kids, got them ready for bed, and watching a movie.  Then our sitter came over and Dave and I went out to meet some friends for dinner.

First stop was Famous Last Words, a really cute bar with a book theme. 

Then our table was ready at Nodo so we had to quickly drink our cocktails and go.  But we will be back there sometime, it was so cozy.  I didn't get any photos at Nodo but rest assured we enjoyed our evening.  We shared a meat and cheese board and a couple of bottles of wine, and I had the gnocchi that was so tasty.

As usual we headed out to the hill to ski on Sunday morning.  The temperatures climbed throughout the day but we had pretty good conditions.  After lunch we took E out of his lesson so he could ski with us.  Dave took Q out for a few runs.

Eating the M and Ms out of the trail mix

Another break before going to the terrain park for a few runs with our friends, while Q and I packed up the car.

The chili I'd made the night before was ready for us when we got home, and then we got ready for the week, watched the Raptors and the Scotties Tournament of Hearts final.


  1. E did a great job baking!
    We just bought a house in Swansea, not too far from yours and I was wondering where to go grocery shopping. Glad there is a a Bulk Barn and I assume a fruit and vegetable stand!

    1. Lots of fruit and vegetables stands, our go to is Carload at Windermere and Bloor. We like Hot Oven Bakery and the Bloor Meat Market. And yes, a Bulk Barn! And No Frills. Welcome to Bloor West Village :)