Monday, June 10, 2019

10 on the 10th

The theme for June is 10 summer must haves:

1. Sunscreen - As much as I hate actually putting it on, I cannot be outside without it!  The brand we use is Ombrelle. I stood in the drug store for a long time a couple of years ago and and compared all of the brands for ingredients that "they" say are bad for you, and ended up choosing Ombrelle as my preferred brand.  We have the spray that Dave likes, and the lotion that I prefer.

2. Sunglasses - I have light eyes and I have heard that makes you more sensitive to the sun.  I wear my sunglasses whenever I am out.  I have a few pairs, but my current favourite is a clear fame version from Fossil. 

3. Hat - Another thing I cannot be outside without is a hat.  I like to keep my head covered and the sun out of my face.  Same as in the winter, I don't understand people that don't have hats on their heads!  I picked up a Canada flag one from Roots earlier this spring. 

4. Shorts - My favourite shorts are the Girlfriend Shorts from Gap.  I have them in pink, green and blue.  They are stylish and not too short. 

5. Birkenstocks - I feel like these are standard issue for the Toronto Mom set, but I'm sure the popularity stretches beyond that.  I needed a new pair this summer and picked up a brown leather in the Gizeh style.

6. Bracelets and 7. Hoop earrings - now that sleeves are shorter and big scarves and hoods are out of the way, bracelets and hoop earrings can more easily be worn.  I have a large pair of hoop earrings and although I would wear them in the winter, I would usually bring them to the office to put on there so I wouldn't risk having them fall off when I had my big winter coat on.

8. Sneakers - Now is the time for outdoor running so a good pair of sneakers is a must.  I also like to wear sneakers when we have a long day of touring around, biking, or attending a sporting event.  They are just more comfortable than sandals sometimes, and they are versatile if it is raining.

9. Rain jacket - You never know when a rain shower may come around so I like to be prepared with a light rain jacket.  It is also a good top layer if it is a little chilly or windy.  I have had my North Face one for many years and it has been very reliable.   This is us at Machu Picchu in 2012 when the jacket was brand new. 

10. Light PJs - We do not have central air so light PJs are a must (although not so far, we still have the duvet on our bed! It has been a chilly spring).  But I know the hot nights are coming and we do have an air condition unit upstairs and we run fans so it can still be quite pleasant.  I only have one set of PJs that I love that I got at Target last year, but I want to pick up another pair.  Perhaps with some birthday money!

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  1. My favorite PJ's are from Target too; but I prefer pants since my husband likes to keep the A/C cranked up. I can not be outside and not have on glasses. I try to stick to the shade so I don't have to wear sunscreen at all but I do burn pretty quickly so it's a must if I'm heading out anyplace sunny.

  2. Yay for aummer finally coming!! I have those target pjs too and love them!!

  3. I like those hoop earrings. Where did you get those? And the pjs.

  4. Light pjs. You are so right! I would have never thought about adding that to my list. Love that!