Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Weekend Recap

Friday was a long day after being up late watching the Raptors win, but we powered through, and even went out in the evening.  A friend of ours just completed her PhD so she and her colleague had a little get together at Piano Piano on Harbord.  It was nice to be out, and visit with some good friends.  

Serious on the subway ride home

But then a smile.

We actually slept in until after 8:00 on Saturday morning.  Then we got ready to go to E's t-ball game. 
Q likes to watch the ball hockey too.

Then getting in on the warm up.

After lunch E and I went to do some Father's Day errands and also went to Costco.

A quick trip to the playground when Q got up.

We had a nice steak dinner to celebrate Father's Day weekend, and then watched some golf, and then caught up on Island of Bryan before calling it an early night.

The next morning we set out a few gifts and made pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast. 

The boys and I went to church and Dave did some yard work and went for a run.  After Q got up, we biked to the park and brought along a basketball, some golf clubs and wiffle balls, and our t-ball stuff.  We did all of the things and since my pants didn't have any pockets, I didn't carry my phone around, so no pictures. 

Some cuties reading a book before bed.

Then some Handmaid's Tale before bed!

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