Monday, June 17, 2019

Friday Favourites (on Monday!)

My Friday Favourites post got hijacked by the Raptors winning the NBA Championships on Thursday night!!!  Not only was I late getting home, I was way too tired to finish up my regular post.  And I feel like our Raptors deserved their own post. We were so excited to see them win.  We are long suffering Raptor fans and after their loss on Monday in Game 5, I wondered if we could actually win.  I knew we were the better team (even without Golden State's injuries) and that we could get the job done, but there was that fear that it may not happen.  Even in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter I thought for sure we were going to Game 7.  It was an exciting time!! The parade is today and my plan is to head over to Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) to catch some of the rally around lunchtime.  

A Happy Father's Day to our favourite dad - Dave!!  It sounds cliché but he really is the best dad, he does all of the things but on the next level.  Not only does he take the kids to and from school, he will fit in a run/bike to get them there, with a stop at the playground on the way home.  He can do all those regular things around the house, but also builds a fence in a weekend by himself (with a few junior helpers).  He always makes everything fun.  We are beyond lucky to call him ours!!

Last week when I was in Timmins, we had one nice day of weather so I took the opportunity for a run.  Gillies Lake is right in town.  It was so nice to be outside.  Each lap around the lake was 2.3 km so I did three laps (with some walking).

I also enjoyed some local beer - Full Beard Brewing and Compass Brewing (not pictured). 

While I was gone, the boys stayed busy.  Stayed up late for Game 5, planted a little garden, and went to the school spring fair.


  1. These are some GREAT favourites. Sam is highly disappointed we're not pulling him out of school and going to the parade. Enjoy some festivities!

    And yes, I too was a little nervous after Game 5... Ack.

  2. I was like that with game 6 too. So on the edge of my seat!!

  3. That lake looks like a nice place to run. Cheers to Dave, an amazing Dad, as you say. What cute little gardeners you have! Love Q's face!