Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today's topic is let's look at what's in my suitcase.  How convenient because I am travelling for work this week so I have a packed suitcase at my disposal!

When I can, I prefer to bring just a carry on.  I am away for three nights (was supposed to be four nights but I switched my flight so I could be at home for Game 6) and I needed work clothes, casual clothes, and running clothes.  I have four pairs of shoes with me, which seems ridiculous but it's only sneakers, flats, flip flops (which I actually don't really need), and my short rain boots, and those were a good addition.

Not pictured here is the clear bag that I used to carry my liquids.  My black toiletry bag is from thirty one and my make up bag is from Stella and Dot. I brought a rain coat and hat, and a small purse that just fits my phone and room key to take down to breakfast. 

I always seem to over pack since I always think I need extra shirts, socks, and underwear.  Like this meme says:

(but seriously, if you change your outfit for dinner, you may want a new pair of underwear!)

When I'm packing I have to go through the whole trip in my head out loud and lay out separate outfits by day/event.  It always seems to take me forever and I end up going up and down the stairs to get various things a million times.  But it is rare that I forget something super important.  And most of the time if you have your credit card, passport, and phone charger, then you can get anything else you may have forgotten.

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  1. You are good to limit your packing to a carry-on. I'm like you in that I think a lot about what to take. I have packing lists on the computer for various types of trips. Eg. If we'll be in a hotel I have a special case with items I might need, scissors, cork screw, etc, and if I'm visiting a relative I may have house keys or local shop cards, etc to remember to bring. Lately I've tried to stick with a colour theme so my clothes choices mix and match. But I still pack too much and find I am taking things out just before I leave. Shoes and other accessories like scarves, jewellery, purses....they are essential for me so it is a trick to get them all in. Ergo, the carry-on is not enough for me!

  2. I try to pack a carry-on whenever possible too. And you're underwear picture has me laughing--- I always overpack underwear because I always go through it!!