Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we had early birthday cake for me.  I am away this week so if we had waited until my actual birthday (Sunday) then I would have only been able to have it one day. This way I got to enjoy it all weekend!

We went outside after supper and Dave got to work on our fence. 

My friend got me these Raptor cupcakes.  I had the Drake one of course.  We settled in for the Raptor game and were excited for another win. 

On Saturday morning I biked to my workout, and when I got back took Q to get a hair cut.   Somehow E got a sucker too even though he didn't get a trim.

We also visited No Frills and the playground by the library before heading home.  Dave had gone to Home Depot to pick up more fence supplies.  The boys helped to bring up some boards.  I was in the house vacuuming and cleaning the upstairs. 

E had a t-ball game at 6:00.  We brought a picnic with us and it was a pleasant.  E came away with the game ball - he hit the ball well each time, even got a triple!

The snack included a Fun Dip so Dave managed to get one too. 

Work done on the fence on Saturday

Sunday was my birthday and we kicked it off with a family run.  It was such a beautiful morning and we got out before 8:00.
This is 38!

Taking a break mid-run to play Pooh sticks.   The boys were gathering sticks. 

After we got home.  Q put in the least amount of effort but looks the most beat. 

Breakfast and presents outside.

I got a new Mat and Nat purse, some t-shirts from the Gap, Malin and Goetz hair stuff, outdoor plates and bowls from Kate Spade, and cookies (a raccoon and birthday cake), among other goodies. 

Back outside to continue working on the fence. The boys donned some boxes and got some cardboard swords.

After Q woke up, I took him with me to Starbucks so I could get my birthday drink.  He got a half cup of water and was just as pleased. 

I tried the mango dragon fruit refrehser.  It was pretty good.

Then we walked up to The Swan for supper. 

Fence complete!  Well done Dave!  (and helpers)

We finished up my birthday with another slice of cake, and the new episodes of Handmaid's Tale.  Great sunny weekend. 


  1. Thirty-eight looks good on you, Sarah! 😎 What a super Birthday weekend with your family! Congrats to E on getting the game ball. And to Dave on the fence. He manoeuvred the hill, rocks and a tree into his design!

  2. You got such great weather for your birthday! What a special day!!!

  3. I'm impressed wih the gifts you got. Glad your birthday was so good. P.S. I'm also impressed with that fence!