Thursday, June 6, 2019

Happy (almost) Birthday to Me!

My birthday is on Sunday but I like to consider this my birthday week.  So far I've had lunch with one of my oldest friends and treated myself to some treats from Milk Bar.  I actually went there to buy some stuff for another friend who has a birthday this week and then found out two of the items had to be refrigerated and mailing them was not an option, so I had to eat them myself ;)

I do this every once in awhile, and thought it would be appropriate for my birthday too - here are a few random things about me:

1) I like a good thumbs up.  When a server asks me how my meal is while I'm chewing - thumbs up; your kid is playing a sport and they look over at you - thumbs up.

2) I love hotel lobbies.  If you are ever out and about in a city, you can usually just walk into a hotel lobby, use their washroom, and rest for a few minutes.  No one will ask you what you're doing and you can just pretend you're a guest.  I also like watching people coming and going.

3) I have not drank a glass of milk in over a year.  I often used to drink milk with my supper, but when we did our reset eating last May, we cut out a lot of dairy from our diet, and ever since then I have had no desire to drink a glass of milk.

4) If you had told me after Junior High basketball tryouts if I would ever do burpees again, I would have said "no way!", but here I am, (almost) 38 and I do burpees at least once a week at my workout classes.  I hate them almost as much as I used to, but I can hang in there.

5) I love hearing how people (or their families) immigrated to Canada. Fortunately in Toronto, I get to hear these stories often.  I always ask clients or other acquaintances how they ended up in Canada - I've heard about people who escaped from Vietnam, being conscripted to the Portuguese military, Eastern Europeans running from the Communists, and others.  I think sometimes people are afraid to ask questions about someone's background so we don't look racist or whatever, but you'll find if you ask respectful questions, there is always an interesting story.  (And to be honest, I also like hearing people singing Canada's praises.)

6) My feelings about art and dogs are the same - I like them, I'm happy they exist in the world, but they are not things that I seek out.  Like I will pet a dog and stop to admire some art work, but I don't really want to be at a dog park or an art gallery.  Does this make me a horrible person?

7) Going out for lunch is one of my favourite things to do.

8) I check on both kids every night before I go to bed.  I am literally checking to see if they are still breathing, and I will probably not stop doing it as long as they live in this house.  If they are breathing too softly, I will poke them, running the risk that I'll wake them up.

9) I try not to make a big deal about swearing in front of the kids (in music, movies, or if we say something accidentally).  So far E hasn't tested us with trying out swear words, but I've always said there are some words that are not appropriate in some settings (like school or church) and just leave it at that.  

(I picked 9 things as my birthday is on the 9th).


  1. You are so lovely! 😻 Enjoy a most Happy Birthday week, Sarah! 💝🎉🥂🎂🌸

  2. Happy early birthday!! Love these random facts! I love hotel lobbies and feel the way about artwork and most dogs too lol!!

  3. OMG, I hate burpees too. We have to do them in my Kung Fu class. I told the instructor I hated them in the '60's (1960's, that is), and I hate them 50 years later. I don't even see what benefit they give that couldn't be provided by other exercises. I didn't do them in my cardio-kick box class. I told the instuctor I shouldn't do them because of my high blood pressure. I take medication, but it really isn't that life threatening. I just cheated a bit on the burpees. No cheating in Kung Fu however :-(

  4. I hope you had a GREAT birthday!

    Our favourite hotel lobby is the one attached to the SkyDome where we stop to use the washroom and pick up Starbucks before Blue Jays' games. It's also where we got to meet Joe Carter and Vladdy Jr during WinterFest this year.

    And I don't remember the last time I drank a glass of milk -- I just don't really like it. Ugh. I LOVE cheese and ice cream though!