Thursday, October 24, 2019

10 Must Haves for Fall

I did a post in June about must haves for summer, so I thought I would do one for fall:

1. A can of pumpkin - I don't cook with pumpkin anytime except in the fall, and you can make it savoury or sweet.  We made some pumpkin mac and cheese, a pumpkin loaf, and a pumpkin pie.  I may pick up one more can before we make the turn into Christmas. 

2. Trench Coat - A trench coat is great for work or for looking put together on the weekend.  I got this one at Banana Republic last year and it is pretty classic.

3. Sweaters - I love able to throw on a sweater without a jacket and fall is the time to do that.  I haven't dug this one out yet, but this weekend the box of sweaters is coming upstairs!

4. A walk in the park - This isn't a "thing", but it is a must have so you an enjoy the beauty of this season. 

5. Hand cream - It is starting to get a little cooler so my skin is feeling it.  I have a little one at my desk from the Body Shop which comes in handy to apply throughout the day.

6. Immune stick - The fall is usually accompanied by some colds, but I try to ward them off with my "magic wand" from Saje.  I roll this Immune stick on my throat and chest when I feel a cold coming on and I think it helps. 
7. Headband - When I do go for a run in the fall I like to have my ears covered.  I have a nice thick headband from lululemon that does the trick.  They don't seem to make a similar version anymore. It also works as a guard for your neck, like I used in Barcelona in January.

8. Rubber boots - I love being able to march through puddles and wet grass without worrying about my footwear, and my Hunter boots are just the thing to do that in. I have this style with the adjustable back.

9. Coffee - I love making an afternoon coffee in the fall with my French Press coffee maker.  Since it gets darker earlier, I feel like I need the extra boost to stay awake.

10. Red wine - I drink wine all year round, but I tend to go for red wine in the fall.  One of my favourites is this Barbaresco, but if you see the price, we don't get it on a regular basis!

What are your must haves for fall?

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