Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday I enjoyed a lovely lunch with a friend at Cafe Landwer.  So lovely to meet up with Megan on a regular basis.

At 4:30, a fire alarm went off in my building, so I took the stairs down and headed home slightly early.  I had to pick a few supplies for E's birthday party and when I got home the boys (including Q) had had sushi for supper. 

The next morning I went to my workout class and then snapped a few photos of our new Halloween decorations in the morning light. 

E had his birthday party later that day so that meant homework in the morning.  Then I took Q to his Sportball class. 

The birthday party guests arrived at 1:00 and they just played around for a little bit before we left for the arcade.  Dave and I had a coffee before the chaos really started.

This year E decided to only invite four friends and that meant we could do more with his party plans.  The first stop was the Nations Arcade at the Stockyards on St. Clair.  Each kid got a swipe card with credits loaded up and they had free rein to do what they wanted.  They spent most of their time and money on the shooting games (Walking Dead, Transformers, etc.), not my preferred games, but they had fun.  We didn't get Q his own card but he was happy to press the buttons and he thought he was actually playing.

Then the kids redeemed some of their credits for prizes and we piled in the cars and went to Medieval Times.  Say what you will about MT, but the horses and their riders are so talented!! I was so impressed with the show.  The kids thought it was great.  

Q had so much fun!! He was so interested in the show and ate up a lot of his dinner. 

Then we dropped the kids off at home with a bag of candy and a cupcake (since we didn't actually get to do birthday cake).  It was a successful party.  Dave and I got the boys to bed, made a snack and settled in to watch some shows.

On Sunday we did some cleaning and laundry and then I took the boys to church. I made them pose by this burning bush. 

Unfortunately this model pose turned out a little blurry, but I tried. 

Then Q wanted another photo by the door.

I got some groceries in the afternoon and then we went to High Park for a hike.  It was such a beautiful day - E's shorts and sweatshirt were more appropriate than Q's hat and mitts.

These red maple leaves were so perfect laying on the ground.

Controversial statement - the fall colours are better than the cherry blossoms. 

Our album drops next month...

We made some calzones for E's special birthday supper and then had some ice cream cake. 

8 years old!!

Then present opening time

Best gift - both the Monopoly board game and Monopoly Deal (a card game).  The board game doesn't have the shoe anymore, but there are some cool new ones, like a dinosaur.

A successful birthday weekend and his actual birthday was yesterday.


  1. The fall colours are very pretty! Good photos of them and the boys.

  2. I love deal! And i am obsessed with fall colours too! Fun, busy weekend!