Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Weekend Recap

I don't do this often, but on Friday I went out for lunch by myself and sat at the bar at Union Chicken and ate my favourite chicken sandwich (the O.G.), had a beer, and read some magazines (something else I don't do much is buy magazines).  It was really enjoyable to sit in the buzz of the restaurant, I really recommend it. 

When I got home from work I picked up the kids, did a quick work out, and cleaned the bathroom. Then we went over to our neighbours for pizza.  

My kids were first in line for the pizza.  Then the kids watched TV and played, while the adults had a few drinks and then got into the karaoke.   Fun night!

Despite the late night before, Q and E were still up pretty early.  I decided to make pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast and it was a good call.  We needed a good breakfast.  Then I took E up the street to get his passport photo taken and I tried to get him a flu shot at Shoppers, but they didn't have them in yet.  We also stopped in at the library, No Frills, and Hot Oven Bakery.   Meanwhile Dave took Q to Sportball.

I knew it was going to rain later so after lunch I did some raking and cleaned up the backyard.  Dave painted the basement and E ran back and forth and helped both of us.  When Q woke up he came out to help and then we went for a quick walk around the block and stopped at the playground.

I made a spinach lasagna for supper and we watched a bit of TV before heading to bed early.

On Sunday morning I went to my workout class and then took the boys to church.  In the afternoon we went to High Park for a hike. Again, the leaves were so colourful and pretty.

Unfortunately our plans were cut short when Q stepped into an ankle deep puddle and soaked his shoes.  So we went home instead of going out to eat, and ordered some ramen instead.  We did watch the new Lion King and I really enjoyed it!  I mean, it's pretty much the same movie but the animation is amazing. 

After the kids went to bed, Rex watched Mindhunter with us.