Friday, October 25, 2019

Friday Favourites

It was a big week here in Canada - we elected a new government (same Prime Minister).  I misread the voting card (and I wasn't the only one) and thought voting started at 9:00, but it was actually 9:30.  It did mean I was the first in line at my polling station.  I am fine with the results.  I like the Liberals but I think another majority would not have been productive, so now with this minority they will be forced to work with the other parties.  Now we get to see how it works out and hope we aren't heading back to the polls in another 18 months. 

The Raptors season opener was on Tuesday.  I rocked my Got 'Em shirt to work with my suit.  It was fun to see them get their rings and unveil the banner, sometimes I still can't believe it all happened!

Whenever we go out after supper for a walk I always think we should try to do it more.  Q and I walked around the block to check out the local Halloween decorations.  A short walk but nice to get out for some fresh air. 

E got his school pictures back and they look pretty good!  I picked the one on the left.  Q got his photos taken this week too. 

We finished up The Office this week, and it was just as enjoyable as the first time, if not more, since we appreciated where it was going.  Dave started listening to the Office podcast put on my Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela).  He said its good but makes him want to watch the series again, even though we just finished it!

I shared my fall must haves yesterday here, how I do Halloween on Wednesday's post, and all of E's birthday fun on Monday and Tuesday.   Check them out!

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  1. Yes, I too am happy with the election result. I really do hope that the parties can work together because I DO NOT want another election any time soon. Gah.

    And E's school pictures are great! My kids always look ridiculous :)

  2. Those are both good school pictures!

  3. Such a big week for Canadians! I love the school pictures. Happy Friday!