Friday, January 17, 2020

Hawaii - Oahu - Days 5 and 6

We arrived at the Honolulu airport and were whisked to our hotel.  When we checked we got our leis and a ginger lemon drink in the most adorable wooden cup. 

We quickly unpacked and got into our bathing suits to head down to the pool.

So pretty!

We met up with some of Dave's colleagues and then settled in at the adult infinity pool

We walked around to explore on the way back to our room.

Then we got ready for the welcome reception.

Tables were set up on the lawn with a beautiful spread of food.  

After that we had a few drinks with some friends before hitting the hay.  The next morning Dave went for a run along the beach, and I tried out the Pelaton bike at the gym.  I've done spinning but haven't done it for a long time, it was fun, and challenging.

Our adventure for the day was horseback riding (hence the pants).  We had some time after breakfast to walk around a bit before our bus was leaving.

We were on the bus for about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to the Gunstock Ranch

Me and Ozzy

Dave and Joy.

For two beginners, we did pretty well. 

We had a nice picnic lunch before going back to the hotel.  We scurried down to the beach and got a piña colada and I went for a swim.

Then we had to get ready for the awards dinner.  I had put my lei in the fridge from the day before and it was still pretty good so I wore it that night too. 

After the dinner we went to the bar for a little bit.  I ordered a drink that came in this fancy tiki cup. 

Come back on Monday for the last installment of our trip.

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  1. The view of the ocean 🌊 and mountains while horseback riding must have been spectacular.

  2. What a beautiful resort; I can't decide if I like the ocean view or the infinity pool view better. :)