Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Christmas Recap Part 2

We got up around 7:00 on Christmas morning and the kids were excited to go down to see what Santa had brought. 

Nintendo Switch!! The best!

A quick break for breakfast.

A few with the "real" camera which is why they out of order.

Then we had some quiet time downstairs between getting the turkey in the oven and starting the rest of the meal.

Even Q played some Mario Kart.

The turkey was done around 5:00 and then I let it sit while I got the rest of the stuff ready.  Interestingly the control panel for the oven conked out after we took the turkey out.  The stove was working which was good, but lucky that didn't happen earlier.  Dave took it apart after we ate and reconnected the wires and it's been working fine since then. 

Everything turned out well!

No supper for Q, he preferred a pita and piece of cheese.

And he didn't want to participate in the family photo.

We caught him in the back of this one!

Kyla made this beautiful dessert. 

On Boxing Day everyone went out to do some shopping so I played Nintendo with the kids.

Then we went to see the new Star Wars movie.

The next morning I actually had to go into the office in the morning but got to enjoy this homemade eggs benedict before I left.

Then I met everyone downtown for a theatre production of Pinnochio at the Young People's Theatre.  These are terrible photos but you get the idea.

Then we wandered around the St. Lawrence Market (where they have an oyster bar now), the dog statue park on Front St., and then up to the Bay to see their holiday windows.

We had a delicious dinner at La Bertolla.

The next day was Saturday and we didn't do too much which shows by my lack of photos.  I did try to eat a bit better that day and started my day with a workout.   In the evening we rented the Downton Abbey movie, which was just great!

Dave's mom and I went to church on Sunday.  Then the kids looked at their new Crayon Christmas book.

And we went down to MEC to get a new backpack for our trip, and we saw this old streetcar on its last run, all painted up for the occasion. 

We ordered some sushi for supper, which was enjoyed by most.  Dave's mom and I had soup that I made earlier that day, not a fan of sushi.

Dave's sister flew out on the Monday, and I went to work again that day.  On New Year's Eve we went to a house party in the neighbourhood.  Q enjoyed his dessert.

Good crowd here!

Ryan and I held down the dancefloor for a bit, we like Drake :)


  1. What a treat to see all the pictures of the boys on Christmas morning! And of all the yummy food and good times you had over the holidays! Thanks!

  2. So much fun, food and family! Looks like a wonderful time