Monday, January 6, 2020

Christmas Recap Part 1

Today I'll be sharing our pre-Christmas celebrations and then come back on Wednesday for Christmas Day to New Year's Day.

Q all cozy in his bed reading books by the light of his tree, even though he's supposed to be sleeping.

Singing along with the snowman piano player.

Helping to make pizza dough

Starting the Christmas puzzle

Getting a few early morning workouts in.

Making Jamie Oliver's get ahead gravy on the Saturday before Christmas.

Quick stop at the playground and Tim Horton's before Q's haircut.


Our family lit the advent candle at church for the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Then we enjoyed some shortbreads after church and people brought in their own nativity scenes to display - there were some really neat ones.

Dave's sister came on Saturday and his parents came on Sunday.   On Sunday night we had homemade tourtière with a variety of pickles. 

On Monday Dave took the kids skiing, and his sister went along as well.  I stayed home to work and then I went to pick up these lobsters. We tried a new place this year and it was great.  They have a large selection of seafood and also had the best price for lobster in town $19.99/lb.

We also picked up some mussels and Kyla cooked them up for us.  Another treat!

Dave made the best potatoes. 

Q had the option for his own lobster but was not interested.  He ended up with pasta and cheese instead, his loss!!

Picking through all of the legs.

A few minutes of quiet by the tree with a book.  Although I never did get into it and returned it to the library without reading it. 

On Christmas Eve we did a few things to prep for dinner the next day, did some last minute wrapping, watched a movie or two, Dave played basketball and I went for a run.  Then it was off to church. 

See our kids sitting nicely at the front to hear the story.

Then home for all kinds of goodies - oysters, fondue, M and M Meats appetizers, shrimp butter, meat and cheese tray, shrimp ring, and vegetables for good measure.  This is one of my favourite meals of the year!

Q enjoyed the fondue.

Then we set out some snacks for Santa and the reindeer and the kids went to bed.  Q wasn't interested in any photos at this point.


  1. Where did you get those lobsters? They look delicious and I would love to know the name of the place that sell them for the best price!
    Looks like a great week before Christmas.

    1. We got them at Mike's Fish Market on Vansco Road. They have lots of great stuff!