Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Weekend Recap

 We had such a fun weekend, so let's get to it!  On Friday night we made our pizzas and then decorated the tree.  Now, I've said this before probably, I have a hard time letting the kids help with decorating the tree, they do not put the ornaments in the "right" spot.  But I have gotten better over the years and I only have to move a few things around after they are done.  

A little extra boost for the star placement.

On Thursday I will share photos of all of our decorations. 

After we got Q to bed, we started watching Harry Potter, which Dave thinks is a Christmas movie.  It is long though so we turned it off with about an hour left. 

On Saturday morning we got our food donation ready for pick up by Toronto Miracle.  Unfortunately I didn't make my bag of food that noticeable so they never picked it up we had to take it to the firehall the next day.  

After tidying up a bit around the house we went to High Park to check out the new playground.

And then went for a hike.

It was cold out there and were glad to get home and cozy up.  Q watched the Grinch again. 

Then the best thing arrived at our door.  A Christmas Market in a Box. Check it out here.  I had ordered this a couple of weeks ago and wasn't sure exactly when it would show up so I was pleased it came on a weekend.

So many good things.

We had a light supper of some squash soup I had made earlier in the day and a cheese, meat, and cracker plate.

And we watched The Santa Clause.

On Sunday morning I was up early so I did a workout in the basement.  Then we did some stuff around the house before the live stream of church started.  After church and lunch, we started getting ready for our backyard "Christmas Market".  I made mulled wine, and we prepared our potatoes in duck fat (that we later topped with melted raclette cheese), sausages on the BBQ, and other goodies from our food box.  

We got a fire going in the backyard and then another family came over to share our treats with us.

Popcorn with spiced sugar.

We had so much fun! It was all of the good things about a Christmas market without the crowds and the drive home.

We finished up and our guests left before 6:00 so we put everything away and then watched TV with E. 


  1. Decorating with kids does get better as they get older. There is hope! And that market box looks amazing! YUM!

  2. The Christmas spirit sure is in the air at your place. Nice to see your lovely tree! And that box of treats! Wow. You know how to have fun!

  3. That christmas market in a box is genius. I tried to get one in our area but it was sold out! I am with you on the decorating with kids... but they've come to expect that mom changes up things on the tree after they're done