Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today we are taking a look at our pantries (or cupboards since we don't have a pantry).  The things that are in there now are pretty standard, with a few exceptions:

Coffee - We keep our coffee beans over by the coffee maker because duh.  We are currently drinking the coffee that Dave's parents brought us from Mexico but we usually have some from our local roaster or the big Starbucks bag from Costco.

Fruit bowls - we always have lemons and usually bananas.  I added three avocados to our grocery order this week but ended up with six instead, so now the race is on to eat them up before they get too ripe.
Dry Goods - Since we meal plan we don't usually keep too many extra cans in the cupboard, but I did pick up a few things the other day to have on hand just in case I was inspired by something - like coconut milk and black beans.  We often have a couple of types of cereal, and although I am not a fan of sugary cereal, we do get mini-wheats from time to time, like now.  Q is a bigger fan of the Cheerios.  We have our grains in glass jars since they mostly come from the Bulk Barn. I need to do a better job of taking the empty jars back with me to the store to fill up rather than using the plastic bags.  We don't have any chips right now because we are taking a break from after supper snacking for a couple of weeks, but we do usually enjoy some chips on the weekends. 

Oil/Snacks/Bread - We have a variety of oils and vinegar which is just the way I like it.  The types of recipes we use will call for these different things and it's the worst when you've run out.   The snack drawer usually has those fig bars from Costco but they were all out the last time we went.  E talked me into the fruit cups, again not a big fan of the sugar, but whatever, and we have some Clif bars leftover from skiing season.   Our bottom drawer contains bread, bagels, wraps, and Q's favourite - pitas.

Baking, etc. - In the top drawer we have flours and sugars. I picked up some chickpea flour this week to try these crepes with our supper tonight; I love having access to these different products at the Bulk Barn  The next drawer is full of Bulk Barn bags too; we have lots of nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, coconut, seeds, and even some candy.  Then we have a bunch of baking supplies and spices.    The bottom two drawers are plastic containers.

PS This is not a Bulk Barn sponsored post despite several references to it.  Our love for the store is pure and real.  For any Americans who don't know about Bulk Barn, it is a store full of food you can buy in bulk, candy, snack foods, baking products, grains, spices, and so much more.  It's perfect for trying new things because you can buy as much or as little as you need.

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