Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Weekend Recap

Q had a short day at school on Friday afternoon, he was sent home for having pinkeye.  Dave looked after him all morning and then I came home in the early afternoon to take Q to the doctor.  Shockingly (!) there was no pinkeye, just some conjunctivitis and no prescription required.  So we walked to the library and headed over to get E early from school.  We had some yummy chicken tacos and then Q made us some "food" from his stash of plastic food and pots and pans. 

For movie night we watched Peter Rabbit and it was really good!  I didn't know anything about it but it was super cute and funny and has one of my favourite actors, Domhnall Gleeson.  Then Dave and I watched the second last episode of Game of Thrones to remind ourselves what is going on.

On Saturday morning we were all up bright and early to enjoy the warn sunny day.  I want to my barre class and then we all went to pick up the Volvo that was still at the dealership after being repaired last week.  I left Dave and E there to drive it home and to go get a haircut for E.  Q and I drove away to go to Costco.  He was not thrilled to leave Dad behind and cried most of the way, but he was all smiles when we got to the gas line. 

After lunch I went for a walk to pick up a few things, and then made muffins for a friend who just had a baby.  E was at our neighbours' house and Q and I went over to get him to walk down to the river but then just ended up there for all of the kids to play in the backyard.  It was so nice!

We finished up our day with some golf, Raptors, Leafs, and last episode of Game of Thrones. 

On Sunday morning we woke up to some dreary weather, so unlike the day before.  I took a few photos of our Easter decorations and then E and I got ready to go to church.  

In exploring the downtown area in Google Maps the other day, I came across the Metropolitan United Church on Queen St. E.  It has a very rich history and also features a Casavant organ (for you Heritage Moment fans) so I thought it would be neat to attend a service on day.  E starts t-ball soon so our window of opportunity was closing for this and I decided we should go for Palm Sunday.  


After the services we headed over to the Skydome to meet Dave and Q for the Blue Jays game.  We walked right by my building so I took E upstairs to show him my office. 

Ready for the game to start!

Q had a great time and loved the popcorn!

Lots of stuff for the kids on Jr. Jays Opening Day!

Then we joined the line for running the bases, which took forever, but was ultimately fine. 

Taking the field.

And they're off!

It was about halfway to 2nd base when Q realized we were not with him so he stopped and I had to go out and run the bases with him.  I made sure to touch home plate and I almost got emotional when I thought that I touched the same place Joe Carter did in 1993. I know they have probably changed the actual home plate since then, but you know what I mean!

Then we got the UP home to Dundas West Station, and how convenient, there is a McDonalds there so we got Happy Meals for the boys' supper.

Hi Choo Choo!

Phew! We made it home in one piece, got warmed up, ate our suppers (chili for Dave and me), got the kids in bed early, and settled in to watch the recorded golf and Game of Thrones.  We knew Tiger had won but wanted to see him play the last few holes and watch him win.  I have never been a real Tiger fan, but since last year I have enjoyed seeing him do well.  He used to just expect to win and be kind of a dick about it, but you could see pure joy on his face on Sunday. 


  1. I basically had a child so I can one day run the bases at the “Skydome” with him ;)