Friday, April 12, 2019

Friday Favourites

On Tuesday night I went to watch another episode of Queer Eye and was devastated to find out I had already watched them all :(  Oh well, I'll just have to watch them again.  Three things I really liked about this last season (that maybe were present in the previous seasons but I didn't notice):
1) They say pick a style icon but then just use it for inspiration, not to copy them exactly - be your own person. 
2) They don't just cut all of the men's hair off or shave off all of the beards.  They just tidy it up but keep some of the same look since that is who the person is. 
3) They don't do a big reveal and side by side of a before and after.  We all get it that the person looks different, we don't need to make a bit spectacle of them. Respect.

The boys wore their new pink shirts for Pink Shirt Day.  Q wasn't interested in getting his pictures taken. 

I made a point of going for a short walk at lunch everyday this week and on Wednesday I went past the St. Lawrence Market.  

I made some new recipes this week from Anna's website. I follow her on Instagram and am always so inspired by her cooking, she makes it look so easy and delicious.  Although my meal didn't seem to be as easy to execute, but it was delicious.  These are the leftovers for my lunch - kale, lentils, sweet potatoes, chick pea crepes, and avocado. 

I bought this cream to have in my office.  The Body Shop always has nice things but I picked this one out because the fragrance is nice but not too strong.  

Busy sports weekend - Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Masters, Game of Thrones!!

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