Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we ordered some Indian food for our supper and then settled in to watch a movie, we picked the original Jumanji. Q was pretty tired and didn't last too long past 7:00.

On Saturday morning I got up early to go to my pilates class and when I got back we headed to High Park.  We parked on a side road and walked over. 

On the way to the playground.

E guiding Q down the slide.

Hello down there!

Trying to get the sword out of the stone. 

Next stop - bubbles.  A man was making huge bubbles for the kids to enjoy.

Then we wandered over to see the runners in the Spring Run-off Race.

E gave out some high fives and Q wanted in on the action.   He was so pleased that some people high fived him.

Then we wandered off through the paths through the woods.

The Bell guy was supposed to be coming to the house after 12:00 but then Dave got a text to say he was on his way, so he left us to go home.  We kept up our hike and then grabbed the bus and subway home. 

Playing with rocks while waiting for the bus. 

We picked up a pizza on our way home for lunch.  We played for a bit in the backyard and did some tidying up.  When the Bell guy was done we wandered down to the river to check out the ice.  One of the entertaining things is watching people trying to get through the ice (and now mud and water).  I don't know what their motivation is to get through it, there is nowhere to go. 

We watched a bit of TV and then had leftover Indian food for supper.

Although it still wasn't super warm, I felt like the nice weather warranted an ice cream cone. Q was pumped to get one. 

E picked out the sprinkled waffle cone with cotton candy ice cream.  He actually felt sick on the way home so lesson learned. 

On Sunday morning we had these duck visitors in our yard.

Living his best life - pancakes and Paw Patrol.

We went to church and Dave went for his run.  E has swimming on Sunday afternoons now so I took him there and then we went to Bulk Barn and picked up our grocery order.  When we got back Q was just getting up so we went back to High Park for another hike before supper.  

Taking his own path

We are not gun people at all, we do not promote violence, but just living in a world with movies (including our favourites like Star Wars) and video games where there is shooting is enough for our boys to turn sticks into guns.  It drives me crazy.

We had a nice supper and then got ready for the week, and watched the curling.  

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  1. Wow! That cone E got was super! But would make me feel sick, too!
    What an active outdoorsy weekend. High Park sure has lots to offer.