Thursday, April 11, 2019

Three Things

Three things going on with each of us at the moment:

1. Q is moving up to the preschool room at daycare.  He has been transitioning to the "big" room this month and his teachers say he loves it.  We are meeting with his new teachers tonight and see his new room.  I think he is closer to potty training and with most of the kids using the potty in his new room, I'm sure that will be extra motivation.

2. He is getting more talkative and figuring stuff out.  He likes those mini pitas to snack on and the other day he went to get one and we were out, so he told me I needed to get groceries (not in so many words but that's what he meant).  Then when I mentioned I was going to get groceries, he hollered out from the other room to get pitas (again not in so many words, but he definitely made the connection between groceries and picking up what he wanted).

3.  He likes to help out in the kitchen and make things using his pretend food and plastic pots and pans.  E always liked to help out in the kitchen too and it keeps them distracted even when they are hungry.


1. E's reading in both French and English has definitely improved over the past few weeks.  We have access to the Raz Kids app on the iPad and I try to read 3 French books with him most weeknights and some on the weekends.  He does the English ones with Dave.

2.  He is Mary Poppins fan, he even sings the new songs.  The best is when he sings "A British bank is run with precision; a British home requires nothing less".  He also likes the part when Mrs. Banks says "George, the children are missing" during Mr. Banks' song, and he just waves her away with a "Splendid, splendid".  Q will then repeat "splendid".  I encourage you to show the movie to your kids, it ages well.

3. Tball starts up again very soon so he and Dave have been outside throwing the ball around.  E wants to play in the infield so he's practicing catching pop-ups. 


1. Dave is a Harvard graduate!  Well he's a Harvard Certificate holder.  His work sent him down there last week to attend a business leadership course.  He found it really interesting and said it was cool to be on the campus, like we have seen in so many movies.
2. He has been playing basketball every couple of weeks and loves it.  He has always been a basketball fan but got out of playing for the last few years. 

3. He is excited about the Masters getting underway today.  It is like the official start of Spring, will be neat to see who takes an early lead this year. 

1. Now that I get to read twice a day for about 30 minutes each time, I feel like I spend my weekend time differently, like doing more things around the house, having a nap (!), or watching TV with the kids without having my book open. 

2. I'm doing pretty well at getting lunches packed in the evenings (at least this week I am!).  It helps so much to not be rushing around in the mornings.

3. I love being downtown for work and going for walks at lunchtime, to do some errands, get lunch or a coffee, or just explore what is out there. I haven't even ventured down to the lake yet but I will when the weather warms up. 

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