Friday, April 26, 2019

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! April flew by, didn't it?  Next week it's gonna be May!
(I couldn't resist!)

E is in the spring art program at school again and has brought home three lovely paintings so far.  The theme for this session is Toronto.  The top one is graffiti, the horse is from the Toronto Zoo, and the water is Lake Ontario. 

We were grating cheese to add to the chicken stew we were eating on Wednesday and Q grabbed the whole block of cheese just like George Costanza and ate right off the top.  I cut off the part that had been in his mouth and he was still pretty happy about that.

Last night E and I went to his school for a performance of the hoop troop and hoppers.  The younger kids do a routine with hula hoops and the older kids do a skipping show.  It was incredible, the amount of work and talent by these kids is great!! You can't help but smile and every one of those performers was having a great time.  E will try out for the hoop troop next year.  

My office is recognizing the National Day of Mourning today (the actual day is Sunday).  It is a day that honours those who have died or been injured on the job.  Obviously mining is a hazardous workplace and we really focus on the safety of our workers, and the day was partly started because of miners, so it is of particular importance to us.  Something I didn't really think of before when working in a fairly innocuous working environment of a law firm.   

I had lunch at the food court in Union Station this week.   I had the jerk chicken from Roywoods which was very tasty (but I still hold true to Annie's on Jane!) but it was also a cool atmosphere.  All of the places, including the Pizza Pizza have hip looking counters, there is a DJ, and a mixture of patrons (travellers, workers, tourists, students, etc.).  Next time I want to try Union Chicken or Wvrst. 

Check out my April Book Review here.  I finished Station Eleven like I said I would, and spoiler alert, no zombies. 

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  1. Yay for may, one of my favourite months of the year! That hoop troop looks awesome

  2. Wow, E’s art is awesome!!!
    Also, there are horses at The Toronto Zoo? We did what I think was the whole zoo on Monday and didn’t see any.

    I know a teacher at Humberside and saw a short clip of the Hoop Troop. It looks amazing!

    1. E just said "the zoo" but I realize now he could have meant Riverside Farm, probably more likely.

  3. That hoop show sounds so neat!