Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Weekend Recap

We had a busy Easter weekend at Dave's parents' house.  We were not able to get away too early on Thursday, but we packed up and got as far as Cambridge to eat supper at Boston Pizza before continuing on.  BP, always a reliable choice. 

Up early on Friday morning and greeted by more rain  We had pancakes and sausages to start our morning.

Then Q helped Grandma make icing for the Easter cake.

And then both boys helped to decorate it.

We watched

Photo bomber!

We watched a movie and played some games and read.  After Q's nap, we ventured outside for a walk. It was cold!!!

Dave's cousin and her husband arrived before supper, and we all tucked into homemade baked beans and fish cakes.  Then we watched the Leafs and Raptors games. 

Contemplating the Easter cake for breakfast on Saturday morning.

But we had this instead - smoked salmon and bagels, and fruit salad.

Then ready for his next meal!

After lunch we went downtown to The Refined Fool brewery while Q was napping (and stayed home with Grandma).  E and I were in the back of the bus.

First up Clue, and then a simple trivia/betting game.

A cozy way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

We had our turkey dinner that night and had my cherry pie for dessert.

Another early morning on Sunday to see what the Easter Bunny had brought us!  I made them sit at the bottom of the stairs while Dave threw on some clothes. 

A few treats.

And some for the adults.

Hunting for the eggs

Then, trying to shove as many jelly beans as possible in his mouth.

He ended up having to spit some out. 

Ready for church.

We went to a local United Church service and it was very nice.  They serve coffee at the beginning that you get to take into the sanctuary with you.  The boys went up to the listen to the children's story and then followed the kids out for Sunday School, so the service was quite relaxing for us after all.  They had a great time and we heard the good news that He is risen!!

Playing a little bit in the church gym before leaving. 

This is how you get Dave to come to church - offer a chance to shoot hoops!

Our best attempt at a family photo when we got home. 

When we got home, there was a Chase piñata hanging up in the backyard.

Treats for everyone, including a scavenger hunt to find beers and activity books in the yard.

Then Q had a nap, and the rest of rested too.  I took Q over to the closest playground but it was pretty flooded out from the previous days of rain.  We ended up at a different one and Q enjoyed the slide a few times.

Another Leafs game when we got back, and a few more board games, and then the Raptors game.  Playoffs are a busy time!

We got packed up on Monday morning.  We decided to do a hike on our way home, and we chose the town of Strathroy, which is close to London, and not too far out of the way for Dave's parents to join us.  We found a little conservation park, and then a playground, and spent an hour or so in the bright sun and fresh air.   Then we grabbed some lunch at A and W before driving home.

A great weekend spent with family!

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  1. You were close to my hood :-). One of these good days we will have to meet up. What an awesome weekend :-)