Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Weekend Recap

We had a full weekend, even despite some rain on Sunday.  I know here in Toronto (and other parts of the country) it feels like we are (still) in dire straits when it comes to Covid and the slow roll out of the vaccines.  I am trying not to get discouraged and just accept that we will have to stay home a little longer.  Now, onto some local fun!

E made me a rainbow loom bracelet to match my watch.

Later in the afternoon I did a Peloton ride and I took this photo because I feel like if you don't take some version of this photo, do you even own a Peloton!?!?  Haha

And then Dave snapped me while mid-ride.

E came home with this sarcophagus that he had made for his project.  His teacher said his was the most creative in the class and that he also did well on his speaking parts

Friday was pizza night!  Q was in on the action.

After supper we watched Babe and then the boys got into their fort to sleep.  This is in Q's closet with all of their collective bedding.  It was semi-successful but E said he moved to the bed partway through the night.

On Saturday morning we took advantage of the clear weather and went on a hike.  I wanted to go back to Happy Valley where had hiked in the winter and see what it was like in the spring.  Having done this hike, we will have to go back in the summer and fall now too!

We did a bit of relaxing before going outside to try Q's new bike.  

No training wheels means lots of help.

We decided to light a fire when we got back and roasted some hot dogs for the boys.

We put together a cheese board for Dave and I to nibble on for our dinner.  My mom had sent me money to pick up a bottle of Whispering Angel rose and it was so good!  I like a really dry white or rose wine and this one fit the bill. 

Behind the scenes. 

On Sunday morning we woke up to rain and settled in for some movies.  I watched our church's Palm Sunday service online.  Then I put together this board for our lunch, using up a few things in the fridge.

We made a couple of Easter crafts after that.

And then we joined our Sunday School to make cookies. 

The sun came out after that so the boys went back outside.  I made a pecan pie and talked to my mom on the phone.

We had a delicious meal of cacio e pepe pasta (inspired by Stanley Tucci's show in CNN) and then enjoyed our pie!


  1. Your weekend sounds more fun than ours!!! And thank you for reminding me that we wanted to do one of our winter hikes in all four seasons too. I think we'll head out there this weekend.

  2. Great artwork by E! It is so nice to see the boys are keen to cook/bake. I really like your boards. Such a fun way to have a meal. A fun weekend, too, with a hike and new bike and even an indoor fort sleepover. You guys are great! Thanks for sharing the pictures and your fun. Stay safe. And keep the faith.