Monday, March 8, 2021

Not Just A Mom Link Up - Favourite Phone Apps

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Today's topic for the Not Just a Mom link up is Favourite Phone Apps. Setting aside the obvious ones like email, maps, social media, and photos, these are the apps I use the most on my iPhone:

Podcasts - I listen to several podcasts and am always clicking here to see what new episodes are available. 

Spotify - When I'm not listening to a podcast I am often listening to music at my desk.  I go between instrumental, funk and soul, '90s hits, or a focus on a specific artist (recently The Weeknd has been a feature).  

Weather - Always checking the weather, always.  (Side note, there is a forecast for 10 cm of snow next week in Toronto, ahh!)

Covid Health Checks - The kids attend the YMCA before and after school and we have to fill out a daily health check.  It's done through a Google Form so I have linked it to my phone so it looks like an app and I can click there to take me directly to the form each day.  My office has the same system so when I do (rarely) go to the office, I can fill out my own health check that way too.

Nest - We have two outdoor Nest cameras, smoke detector, and thermostat. I get alerts if there is movement by the cameras and I can also set the heat through the app too. 

Fitness - This is well used app as well to track my workouts and movement. 

Uber Eats - We order food about once a week and Uber Eats is our go to food delivery service. 

myShopi - I use this for my grocery list.  For some reason when it updated it is now in French (Belgian French to be exact) so I get to practice my language skills when I make my list, although I can type in my own item in English if I need to so it's a mix of French and English now.

Green P Parking - I never pay for parking at the machine anymore, only through the app, which is so convenient.  If your time is running out, you can extend your parking session on your phone instead of having to go back to the car.  

Find My Friends - Dave and I use this app to track each other.  This is less nefarious than it sounds, we do find it useful to know if the other is close to home, or if we are in a larger area together (like the ski hill or park) and we have separated, we can use it meet up again. 

I have several other apps on my phone which I use to a lesser degree.  When I do think about trying to clean them up and delete some, I am hesitant to do so since they come in handy occasionally. 

Yes, I'm one of those people with too many unread emails and an unorganized phone. 

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  1. Just today I also read next month's link up as "Favourite Family Members." Hahaha!!! I'll choose any of the ones I haven't been living with CONSTANTLY for the past year! Hahaha!!!

    All of our order-y apps -- Starbucks, etc -- are on Dave's phone because he gets free data through work and we have to pay for it on my phone.

  2. Hahaha favorite family members!! That made me laugh out loud. I'm partial to the ones who eat what I cook without complaining about it at the moment ;)

  3. I use my phone to check the weather all the time (even though it has proven over and over again that it's not reliable!).

  4. Thats interesting that you have to do a daily Covid screening check in. I don't know of any place around here that does that.

  5. We have never used uber or anything to delivery our food before (besides pizza)

  6. I use Find My Friends to track my family too.