Thursday, March 18, 2021

Happy Birthday Dave!

Dave's Birthday is on Saturday (so hold onto your well wishes!) but I wanted to post today and leave room for a Friday Favourite post tomorrow.

This is the year we are turning 40!! We would have loved to do a trip or some other big celebration, but alas, this is Dave's second Covid birthday and I'm sure I will be facing the same fate in June.

Nevertheless, we celebrate Dave this weekend and will have lots of fun things planned.  I am so fortunate to have him as my partner through all things but especially this past year.  When we weren't sure how to keep the kids entertained, he got out all of our Lego, sorted through them to find the pieces for each original set and got the kids building.  He is also so keen to go outside for any sort of adventure and get us moving.  Another highlight of our year was his baking, he made pizza dough every week, along with other breads and rolls.  He said he may make cinnamon buns for his own birthday this weekend!  Dave also got promoted this year to a manager and is thriving in this new role.  

Happy Birthday Dave!!

A little birthday quiz with the kiddos:

What is something Dad says a lot?
E: "Everett's my favourite child"
Q: "Get your skis on."

What makes Dad happy?
E: When you give him hugs
Q: If you eat well and you can do it by yourself.

What makes him sad?
E: When you don't do what he says.
Q: If I do something wrong.

How tall is Dad?
E: 6 Feet?
Q: Nine

How old is he?
E: 39 going to 40
Q: 12

What is his favourite food?
E: Sushi
Q: Meat and cheese

Does he have a favourite child?
E: Me of course
Q: Me?

If Dad could go anywhere, where would he go?
E: A place with no Covid.
Q: In the woods and in the car and inside school and in the sky.

What is his favourite song?
E: Rivers and Roads?
Q: "Go to sleep"

What is his favourite movie?
E: Star Wars
Q: Mickey Mouse

Where was Dad born?
E: Nova Scotia?
Q: not sure

What is his favourite show?
E: This is Us
Q: Golf

What is Dad afraid of?
E: Nothing
Q: Nothing

How would you describe him to your friends?
E: Awesomest Dad ever!
Q: Nice

Anything else to add?
E: Dad's awesome 
Q: No, that's all.


  1. A lovely post about your dear hubby and father of your boys. Great photos! And fun quiz with E and Q. I chuckled at Q's answer to favourite song! I can imagine Dave singing it to Q in bed! Enjoy Dabe's birthday weekend.

  2. Aw, I love the answers from the kids! Happy birthday to Dave!

  3. I loved reading the kids' answers, especially Q's! And I hope Dave had a GREAT birthday!!!