Friday, March 5, 2021

Friday Favourites


We had a nice easy week.  The weather was not as warm as I thought it should have been so I guess spring isn't here yet.  We had a couple of days of nice weather, which I guess was "Fool's Spring" and now we are int Second Winter.

We had some fun smoothie bowls this week.  Q wanted his photo taken with his on Monday. 

We had family game night on Thursday.  We started off with some Nintendo Switch before our food delivery arrived (Q likes to play Arms) and after we ate we played a game of Operation.  

We got this nice note from E's teacher this week. (His IEP is his Individual Education Plan to address his gifted status.)

If you like food and travel, I have to recommend Stanley Tucci's new show on CNN.  He travels around Italy eating food. It is just lovely and he is a treasure. 

Our link up party is happening again on Monday, so please plan to join us if you have a blog.  We will be talking about our favourite phone apps.

We have no set plans for this weekend but I'm sure we'll get outside for part of it. 

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  1. Sweet picture of Q! Great work by you and Dave and E on his reading! Despite these times of interrupted education it is wonderful to see progress happening. Nice note from the teacher. Praise is always welcome, too!

  2. I always fall for Fool's Spring. I'm like "PLEASE be here to stay" and then I wake up to -18 windchill and feel utterly defeated. Ugh. I need to think about my favourite phone apps...

  3. That is so neat that you can have an IEP for gifted! My middle son was tested as gifted and our local school told us there was nothing they could do for him because ALL of our resources went to those kids that were struggling or had IEP's for learning disabilities. That's the year we decided to homeschool. I think we are definitely in second winter here too and I miss fool's spring.