Monday, March 22, 2021

Welcome Spring!


Whenever a new season rolls around, I am always ready to welcome it and say goodbye to the previous  season.  
Things I am excited about as we say hello to Spring!

Warm sunlight
Light jackets
Ease of getting the kids out the door in the morning
Eating outside
The smell of BBQs in the neighbourhood
Cleaning up the yard and getting all that winter dirt out of there.
New growth
Cardinals and other birdsong
Kids playing outside
Cherry blossoms
Warm rain
Bike rides
(and this year) Vaccines, keep 'em coming!

And just to keep things real, things I do dislike about spring:
Never really knowing what to wear.  Layers are everything! (and a bag big enough to carry those extra layers)
Not getting the sunscreen out yet, but still feeling like I'm getting burnt in the sun.
Muddy sneakers. 
(and this year) The third wave, crossing my fingers that we can get to March April Break and the kids can finish out the year in person.


  1. Yes! All those things. Cheers to Spring!

  2. I so hear you on hoping we can finish out the school year in person. Yikes -- I have a lot of stress about that and will be so relieved if they go back after March/April/Spring/Whatever We're Calling It Break.

    And YES, I LOVE how easy it is to get the kids out the door in the mornings!!!