Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Weekend Recap

On Friday we took the day off work and school to go skiing.  We managed to coordinate with three other families to go at the same time.  The weather was perfect.

E and I did a few runs while Dave hung out with Q.

Then Q and I stopped for a snack.

Our friends were on the bunny hill so Q wanted to ski with them for a bit too.

Such a great day to be outside.

Then it was lunchtime at the car. 

We stayed to the end of the day.  When we got home, we got everything put away and I made some macaroni and cheese for our supper.  My mom had sent flowers that day and they were able to deliver them after we got home.

We watched Wandavision but I had a hard time staying awake.  

On Saturday morning I convinced Q to do a few errands with me.  He was reluctant but got into it.

And he picked out a cupcake at the bakery so he was happy about that. 

In the afternoon, the sun came out, and we got out for a walk.

Since we were skiing on Friday, Saturday night was pizza night instead.  We watched some curling and got our pizzas ready.

On Sunday we were off to ski again.  The forecast was calling for warmer temperatures and rain but we were not deterred. 

Cloudy but a great morning of skiing.  Dave and Q are behind E and me.

We had a great morning.  In the afternoon I took Q to get some water and more snacks.  It actually started raining at that point, we did a few more runs and then everyone met back at the cars and called it a day.

Despite being tired we stayed up to watch The Golden Globes (and the Scotties curling final on the iPad).  



  1. Our whole family (except Dave) had Friday off but that's because one of us was sick so our big outing included going for a Covid test. Your weekend sounds way more fun!

  2. So nice to see you all out enjoying the winter sun. Scenery is beautiful. My heart is full seeing all your smiling faces.