Thursday, March 25, 2021

Monthly Musings


Linking up with Holly  and Patty for Monthly Musings.

1. Do you celebrate Easter or Passover?  If so, what are your traditions?
We celebrate Easter.  It is my favourite holiday of the year, I like it more than Christmas. We attend church on Easter Sunday morning (virtually last year and this year), the kids look for the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid, we spend some time outside, and we cook a special meal.  We used to make ham but last year I made ribs because it was just us, and I liked it so much I think it is our new traditional Easter meal.

2. Favourite Spring tradition?
Getting our first ice cream cone. 

3. What Spring activities are you and your family involved in?
Nothing happening here.  Sports (assuming they go ahead) don't start until closer to summer. But independently we will start doing some biking soon. 

4. What are you most looking forward to in Spring?
The warm weather of course!

5. Do you plant a garden/flowers?
We do not plant a garden, just get some potted plants for our urns out front, and for the back steps.  And we plant some herbs in pots. 

6. Do you decorate you house for Spring?
Yes, we have Easter and Spring decorations.  I am hoping to get those out this week!

7. Do you have a favourite Spring meal?
Burgers on the barbeque. 

8. Does it feel like Spring yet where you live?
Yes, Southern Ontario is pretty reliable to change seasons with the calendar.  We may get a few single digit temperature (Celsius) days still, but I think Spring is actually here now.

9. Will your Spring look different this year due to Covid?
Our Spring will be the same as last year (but with kids in school for now).  No extra-curricular activities, no family visits, essential shopping trips only, and wondering when things will start opening back up.  This year we do have one difference and that is watching more and more people vaccinated and hoping it will be our turn before too long.

10. Have you dined outside yet this Spring? 
Yes, Dave and I had lunch on a patio on Tuesday, it was lovely. We will be cleaning off our table and chairs at home so we can start eating out there more too.


  1. I love how many people are saying Easter is their favourite time at church! It's my favourite too! And yes, it feels like we're still in a holding pattern here in terms of Covid. Hopefully, summer will feel a little more "normal." Hopefully...

  2. So glad to read that Spring weather has started for you- yeah! That gives me hope even though things are still different

  3. Ahh we need to crank up that BBQ... we ran out of gas! Love the warm weather we've been having.

  4. We love burgers on the grill so much my husband does them that way year round! I give him credit for grilling in the winter as I just won't bother with ice and snow. Somehow I think they always taste better in the spring and summer when we can enjoy that grilled food outside!