Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Weekend Recap

Friday was a busy day.  I had to do a few errands to pick up things for Dave's birthday weekend, and we also fit in a quick trip to Costco. For dinner we had one of our favourite meals Chicken, Okra, Corn Salsa, Sweet Potato, Feta bowl.  It is so delicious!  I actually went to bed fairly early after falling asleep watching Falcon and the Winter Soldier. 

On Saturday morning it was Dave's birthday and we met up with Dave's parents near Cambridge to go for a hike, at the Sudden Forest Loop. 

Q is meditating by the side of the trail.

So E did it too.

Dave's parents set up a bit of a surprise for Dave's birthday with balloons and some lemon squares.

We had a nice drive back home and after a bit of rest, E went to play with the neighbours and Q and I walked up to the playground.

Our evening was a bit mixed up.  The plan had been to open gifts, have our charcuterie board and oysters for supper, followed by ice cream cake and Zoom call with Dave's family.  But it was a little backwards.  Dave had taken apart the kitchen faucet while we were gone and was having a hard time getting the old one disconnected to install the new one.  That meant the kitchen was a bit of a mess so I couldn't really get our charcuterie board ready.  Plus our neighbours were having a fire so we walked over there to have a drink with them.  The kids ate some pizza there, and then we went back home and quickly did gifts and cake before the Zoom call.  Then we ended up eating our oysters and board while on the call. 

We watched a bit of TV after getting the kids to bed but I was exhausted!

On Sunday morning Dave went for a run and when he got back we had some smoked salmon bagels.

It was a beautiful day so we got outside for a picnic lunch.

Dave and I cleaned the house, the kids played with friends, and we felt ready for the week.  We ordered some food for supper and got to bed at a decent time.  


  1. It was a GORGEOUS weekend! We'll have to check out that trail near Cambridge that you did. I've never heard of it before.

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful weekend and like your husband had a mostly relaxing birthday (aside from the faucet!).