Monday, September 27, 2021

Nova Scotia Recap Part 1

We got back from our East Coast trip last night and today I am sharing part one of our travels.  Check back later this week for part two. 

Last Saturday I headed to the airport with the boys to catch our flight to Halifax (Dave would be joining us later in the week).  We had plenty of time to get some breakfast and coffee before boarding our plane.  The kids were excited to be going somewhere. 


No problems to wear masks on the plane, these kids are pros at wearing masks.  We all watched our respective movies and the time went quickly. 

My mom picked us up and we took a quick stop to visit the newest member of our family, baby L.  The boys loved their new little cousin.

My mom and me with my cousin Emma (L's mama).

Then we drove the two hours to my hometown Shelburne.  When we first told E we were going to visit Nana and Papa, his only thought was of the Wii that they have, he was so excited to play it again. 

Meanwhile we had some sangria and chips on the deck.


After supper we went for a walk on the trail.  They rec department had set up a story book along the way with each page on a different post.  The kids loved running ahead to find and read the next page.

This rock looked like a couch.

Roseway River

The next day was Sunday and we went downtown to see the whirligig festival which was great fun, and it was quite windy, so we got a good display of the whirligigs.

Then we did some exploring, stopped in at some gift shops, and picked up some goodies at the market. 

I used to work at the Shelburne County Museum, the turquoise building in the middle.

After lunch we played around outside.  

Then we went to Boxing Rock Brewing Co. to meet up with one of my friends who just happened to be in town that weekend.  During the pandemic I participated in some virtual trivia nights with Boxing Rock but had never been inside the actual taproom.  

The old IGA for those who know.  Haha.

On Monday afternoon we took a drive up to Ohio to visit a farm.  The farm belongs to friends of my parents, they have cows, chickens, and a dog.  They also have apple trees where we got to pick apples to take home and a big garden when we got to take some kale, tomatoes, a zucchini and a squash.  The kids had great fun.  I joked that we would have to pay $25 a person to do something like this in Toronto and would not have had as many opportunities. 

Feeding the cows with apples stuck on the end of a stick.

Then we stopped at someone else's house where they have sheep and other critters. 

Including a new puppy!

Bringing in our goodies from the farm.

I made kale chips to go with our supper and they were tasty!

On Tuesday afternoon we drove out to the Sandy Point Lighthouse.  The tide was going out so we got to walk on the emerging beach.  

It was my mom's birthday that day so we dressed up and went out for supper at Charlotte Lane.

As usual the food was delicious.

On Wednesday my mom had a hair appointment out in Barrington so we tagged along and went to a little beach off the causeway over to Cape Island. 

They had some baskets and pickers so you could pick up garbage on the beach while you were there.  The kids loved doing this and we found a few things to throw away.

Then we went to Captain Kat's Lobster Shack for lunch.  
Checking out the blue lobster in the tank.

I had the lobster roll and it was some good!  Not only was the lobster delicious, the bun it was served on was fresh, soft, and buttery.  Delicious!

I was working on these days as I did not take holidays so I needed to get some work done and attend meetings, but I was lucky to get away to do these little activities, while my parents kept the boys entertained at other times.  In the evenings we also got to watch the Emmys, the election results and the new season of Dancing with the Stars.  It was a great time to be home in Shelburne, the first time there since 2017!!

The second part of our trip takes us to Halifax for a wedding.  Stay tuned.


  1. Thank you, Sarah, for sharing these photos of our time together. So wonderful to have you and the boys home.

  2. Oh my goodness -- what fun to be able to go home and see family again!!! And I didn't know people outside of Newfoundland used "some good." That makes me want to go out East again...

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful time spent with family!