Monday, September 20, 2021

Election Day!

It wouldn't be an election day without me remining all you Canadians to get out to vote today (if you haven't already voted in the advance polls).  I know it seems annoying that we even have to go to the polls at this time but here we are so it's still up to all of us to do our duty and vote! I am a bit of a political science nerd and I still couldn't tell you who will win tomorrow.  If you're fed up with Justin Trudeau for any variety of reasons then vote for someone else, if you still can't stomach a Conservative government (even a somewhat palatable Erin O'Toole) then vote for someone else, if you don't think a vote for the NDP or Greens will count for anything, then vote for someone else - just vote!  

I had to stand in line for about 30-40 minutes when I went to the advance polling station and although I was a little put out (I'm used to being first in line), the lady behind me and I were commenting that we really didn't have to put in that much time (less than an hour) and we were safe standing there in line.  Remember that, so many people around the world do not enjoy these same conditions.  Just plan to be there for awhile, and bring a podcast or book to keep yourself company.

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