Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Favourites

Today's Friday Favourites post is all about the first day of school.  We were up bright and early to walk to school with the neighbourhood kids and it was a beautiful day.  Dave was also up early but he was flying to PEI for a weekend golf trip so that explains his absence in the photos!

I packed the kids' lunches, with a tucked in cake pop as a treat. 

Then it was time for photos.  Some proper ones for Instagram, but also some fun ones.

Cuddly Pal also posed for some photos.

The boys set up some stuffies for their own first day of school.

I asked the boys to take pictures of me with each of them since I hadn't bothered to take get the tripod out. All of E's photos were blurry but Q did a good job as photog.

Some of our group while we waited for others.

Dropped off with his buddies.

Our traditional first day of school meal, Crunchy Beefy Mac and Cheese.

It was a successful day and I look forward to a healthy year for all. 

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