Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Let's Look - Thanksgiving Menu

It's the second last installment on this link up series, and we are supposed to be talking about our Thanksgiving Menu.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in October so it's a little late for me, and I feel like American Thanksgiving menus differ slightly from Canadian Thanksgiving (too many cheesy and creamy sides for my liking).  I'm happy to share my humble menu, but instead I wanted to encourage you to donate to food banks, shelters, and other charities that help those less fortunate in your area.  

This year I read a few books that illustrated poverty and homelessness.  I read Maid where you see how difficult it is for people to get a leg up and how people scrap by on very little. I also read From the Ashes about a Metis man from Brampton that suffered homelessness, battled drug abuse, and spent time in jail.  I could not believe the things that he survived and I know he was just one of many from my own city like that.  I also read When The Moon Is Low about an Afghan refugee family.  We may want to think about people on the streets as being "other" but these books show you just how similar we all are, and if we have the means to help, we should.  At at time of year where abundance is clear for many of us (Thanksgiving and Christmas), it is the perfect opportunity to share some of that.  

I saw a neat post the other day about making donations the food bank and how you can make more thoughtful contributions.  I had never thought of a few of these but they make sense.

As for homeless shelters, socks and gently used shoes are always welcome. 

As for my Thanksgiving menu, it's pretty simple - turkey, gravy, dressing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauces, carrots and turnips, brussels sprouts, apple pie, and pumpkin pie.

Check back next month for our Favourite Traditions.  Since it will be December, I'm sure the focus will be on Christmas, but I may try to incorporate other traditions too. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing that Food Bank message. One thing I am never sure of is, if we donate something perishable, can it get used right away? We're often donating to food drives and they don't often have fridges for things like eggs and fresh meat or produce...

    I am now re-thinking our Food Bank Advent calendar and wondering if we can donate to our community fridge instead...

    1. We have a community fridge too and I think that is a good place to donate fresh things.
      I am going to phone our local food bank to see about timeframe for donating meat, etc. For things like sandwich meat and eggs, they can last a long time, as long as the food bank has fridges to store it in before it can be picked up.