Friday, November 26, 2021

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday!  I hope my American readers enjoyed Thanksgiving yesterday.

We have this Melissa and Doug tile mosaic set and honestly I can't remember who gave it to us, but Q loves it.  He pulls it out every so often when he wants to do something before school or bedtime when we don't have a lot of time, this time it was before bed. 

One of my favourite lunch spots, Kupfert and Kim has brought back more menu items including the Golden Curry.

The Fairmont Royal York has its beautiful tree up in their lobby now.  I love sitting in hotel lobbies and watch people come and go.

I picked up the most adorable shirts for the kids this week from Roots, they beaver is dressed for Christmas.  I can't copy a photo of the shirt (and I'm lazy to go upstairs to take an actual photo of them), but you can click here to see it.  They can wear them when we go to visit Santa next week!

These two posts had me laughing out loud this week!

The kids get their vaccines today! We are excited about that :) One step closer to feeling safer. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Cute shirts! Laughing at the first...still scratching my head on the second...funny! Happy for the boys today!

  2. I just sent that brilliant grapefruit joke to loads of my friends. Hilarious and also SO true. One friend told me that grapefruit is a poor substitute for just about anything (but pink grapefruit is my favourite type of sparkling water).

    That tree is gorgeous. I love when I go into public spaces that are all done up for Christmas. Where I live (Wolfville, a little town in NS) they put up fresh greenery all over town and it just looks so dreamy at night lit up!

    Also, the Roots Christmas gear is so cute. I'm too much of a minimalist to buy it, likely, since it's pretty season-specific...but I suppose it could double as a fun PJ top. It is so cute! Great find and will be a great addition to photos with Santa.

  3. I added that mosaic tile set to my kids Christmas list. Im sure they would love it too.

  4. I LOVE that grapefruit meme!!! But I love grapefruit so it might actually improve my life :) And I'm still soooooo excited about all the kids getting vaccinated!!! Whoooo hoooo!!!