Thursday, November 25, 2021

Monthly Musings


This link up happened last week but I still wanted to post on it today.  

(Sidebar - Dara made a great point to say that it doesn't really make sense to call something "holiday" when it's really Christmas. She is Jewish and celebrates Hanukkah but reminds us that it's not the Jewish equivalent of Christmas so it isn't being celebrated at the same level as Christmas is being celebrated by Christians, the Jewish high holidays take place at other times of the year.  So these questions refer to "holiday" but I'll be referring to Christmas for my family - end sidebar).

1. Share your favourite holiday traditions. 
I conveniently wrote about our Christmas traditions last year (click here).  They mostly involve food :)

2. Do you see holiday lights? Driving tour on your own? Attend a park or festival?
Christmas lights are one of my favourite things about this season.  It's so dark when I'm coming home from work, I love seeing the welcoming lights on the street.  We usually just drive around to look at the lights on our own and sometimes go downtown to see the decorations at City Hall, the Eaton Centre, and the windows at the Bay. 

3. Favourite Holiday Recipe?
I love the panettone bread pudding recipe from Jamie Oliver.  It has orange and dark chocolate and tastes so special. 

4.  Must have holiday fashion staples?
A sparkly top.  I got a silver sequin tank from the Bay a few years ago and it always makes an appearance at Christmas or New Years. I can wear it with pants or a skirt. 

5. Any special or extra festive plans this year?
No, everything seems to be "back to normal" after the blip of 2020, so we are happy to do the "same old things" :)

6. Best holiday planning tip?
I have a Google Doc for all of my Christmas plans - party planning, gifts, menus, and to-do lists.  Since we basically do the same things every year, I don't have to start from scratch, just update what I need to. 

7. Favourite holiday movie?
The Family Stone.  I love the cast, the way it makes me laugh and cry, and we named our son Everett, inspired by that movie. 

8. Die Hard...Christmas movie or no?
I've seen about 20 minutes of this movie so I'm not the best judge, but if people want to say it's a Christmas movie, who am I to deny them of that?

9. Tree/decorations up before or after Thanksgiving?
Considering our Thanksgiving is in October, then definitely after!  We will start decorating the house this weekend and get the tree next weekend.  It's a real one so it only lasts about a month. 

10. Do you celebrate other holidays in December?
Festivus, and rest assured, your gifts have been procured.

Thank you to Holly and Patty for the prompts!


  1. Thanks for understanding and summarizing what I mentioned in my post! And yes to Festivus!!

  2. Love the sidebar!! Critical to remember the reason behind Christmas!

    Die Hard is definitely NOT a Christmas movie. And The Family Stone. I watched this once and know so many people love this movie but I just...don't get it? What am I missing?

    Favourite holiday recipe: Cinnamon coffee cake for Christmas morning breakfast. It's basically monkey bread with biscuit day covered in homemade caramel. It is delicious.

    1. I know Wolfville well! Visited my friends at Acadia there a few times when I was in university.
      Not sure what you're missing about TFS, shrug! It must have just hit me at the right time.
      Your coffee cake sounds yummy!